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Discover our new safety trip amplifier cSCALE AI2CAN+ trueSafety!

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What does real safety mean to you? We flexibly meet tomorrow’s safety requirements today.

System Integration

We provide the efficient customized safety systems you require – without compromise.


From robust components to integrated systems: we provide the solutions that you need to succeed!


Looking for a reliable system supplier? We give our very best for you and your project. That’s a promise!


The world of mobile machines is constantly in flux – and that includes WIKA Mobile Control. Why do machine manufacturers choose us? Because we merge decades of experience with forward-looking technologies!

cSCALE AI2CAN+ trueSafety

The cSCALE AI2CAN+ trueSafety trip amplifier is designed for signal conversion and standalone functions!

Wireless solutions

The functional interaction of the wireless components offers a future-oriented system that meets the highest industrial requirements in terms of safety, precision and individuality.


gSENS TLT-C inclination sensors enable precise geometric measurements in mobile machines, even under the most extreme conditions.

Service Expert

Comprehensive customer support or spare parts with long-term availability: day after day, we’re motivated to see business from your perspective.

Global Network

Find a branch or official WMC partner near you to get expert advice!

PAT Krüger and Hirschmann MCS

We’re the official partner for supporting all Hirschmann MCS and PAT & KRÜGER products.


Stay up to date about our latest product change notifications (PCN) and product discontinuation notifications (PDN).

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Let’s team up to improve communication between humans and machines. How? We add value for you with smart approaches including intelligent applications, innovative software tools and intuitive operating concepts!


Connect and configure! Your qSCALE Ix load moment indication system doesn’t require any programming, just the qSCALE Ix configuration tool!


The key to safe, efficient operation of mobile machines is intuitive human-machine interaction. Our user-friendly vSCALE HMI make it happen!


WebVisu lets you effortlessly access data of your mobile machine’s cSCALE control system – wherever and whenever you want.

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