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Compact Crawler MachinesMaximize control!

Customized OEM solution for monitoring and motion control for compact crawler machines

Compact crawler machines, such as spider cranes and mini cranes, are highly appreciated in various industries for their ability to navigate tight spaces and tackle challenging terrain with ease. These small but mighty machines are perfect for construction, maintenance, and lifting tasks where traditional equipment simply can't reach. Always the most important aspect: staying in control at all times!

WIKA Mobile Control offers the right solution to maximize control of your compact crawler machines. With robust and precise sensors, intuitive HMIs and powerful control systems, we enable full machine control and even greater safety in the operation of your machine.



At a glance

  • Reliable monitoring
  • Full machine control
  • User-friendly service and diagnosis

System Features


  • Dynamic display of position, load, rated capacity and various operating modes
  • Rated capacity limiter
  • Overload protection system
  • Outrigger monitoring
  • Locking of operating modes ( drive mode, crane mode and outriggers)
  • Limits
  • Cable winch monitoring


Motion control

  • Control of machine drive
  • Outrigger setup
  • Outrigger control
  • Rotary movements of the machine
  • Control of attachments, such as vacuum glass manipulators
  • Operation of all movements via radio remote control
  • Winch movements


Service & Diagnostics

  • Error diagnosis and display in plain text
  • Password-protected service menu for machine start-up and service intervals
  • User-friendly, icon-based menu on the console
  • Guided sensor calibration and valve settings (currents and control curve) via touch display 
  • Display of inputs and outputs


Advantages and Standards

Benefits for Operators

Accuracy | Speed | Safety

  • Efficient, precise and intuitive machine use
  • Safe handling of the machine thanks to assisted-safety features
  • Reduction of downtimes


Benefits for Manufacturers

Customization | Scalability | Cost-effectiveness

  • Configurable machine geometry and working areas for attachments
  • Simple parameterization options, e.g. for joystick sensitivity or valve flows
  • User-friendly settings via touch display without additional hardware



  • CANopen CIA DS301
  • Unified Diagnostic Services UDS  ISO 14229
  • System and hardware can be extended to meet functional safety requirements acc. to EN ISO 13849


System Components

  • HMI

    User-friendly HMI for mobile machines

System Layout

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