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Thinking about tomorrow today

That’s what we do – day in and day out! In order to consistently provide innovative, high-performing systems to our customers, we have to start thinking today about the particular safety requirements that they will face tomorrow. Our staff work on this every day, and we expect the same of you. Also, you should always keep your own future in view: what is your potential? What are your goals? What will enable you and your work to really make strides? WIKA Mobile Control supports you on your path and helps you identify new career goals – and, as we all know, four eyes see better than two.

Good to know...

... and take the right steps

We owe our global leadership to our employees. Thanks to their expertise, ideas, and performance, we’re able to conquer new markets and successfully implement new products. A commitment to promoting our employees' qualifications is an integral part of our corporate culture. In annual one-on-one meetings, the strengths and weaknesses of each are analyzed. The results are then applied to define ongoing employee training measures, which can be either highly focused or broad in scope as appropriate.