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Geometric SensorsgSENS - length/angle measurement

Special Feature: Precision

gSENS sensors detect geometric parameters such as an object’s angle or length and converts them into electrical values. Based on captured values, loads are calculated to guarantee safety according to the safety regulations.


At a glance

  • Precise and reliable measurement
  • Harsh environments
  • Customizable for any application



    Length sensors & length angle sensors


    Precise inclination sensors for mobile machines


    Robust inclination sensors for rough environments


    Rotary encoder with magnetic measurement technology

  • gSENS N1xxC

    Inclination sensor with flameproof enclosure

  • gSENS Nxx01

    Seawater-resistant inclination sensors



  • Expert technical guidance
  • Final check for 100% of sensors
  • Long life cycle


  • For all mobile machines
  • Both rotational directions supported
  • Left or right mounting

Precise Length Measurement

  • Telescoping lengths up to 55 meters
  • Hysteresis-free
  • Integrated cable guide
  • Constant cable tension

Precise Angle Measurement

  • Angle range: -180° to +180°
  • Accuracy: <0.2°

Signal Transmission

  • Output signal: 4...20mA, CANopen, CANopen Safety
  • Up to 11 signal, data, and electrical transmission lines
  • Gold-plated slip ring contacts for reliable transmission
  • Different drum-windable cable types

Service & Maintenance

  • Compact design
  • Easy mounting
  • Zero-point adjustment via software
  • Simple plug connection
  • Spring module


  • IP 66/67 die-cast aluminum housing: sturdy, lightweight, robust
  • Redundant design possible (EN 13849)
  • All sensors CE-compliant

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