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Satisfied as a human being

You spend a large part of every day at work. If you stay with us for many years, you’ll also wind up spending a big part of your life here at our company. This makes it very important for you to feel good during your everyday work and strike a sensible balance between work and other activities. But we also go a step further and want you to achieve a good balance between work and everything else: we’re looking for #worklifebalancers. As an employer, we feel responsible for creating a healthy, interesting workplace that provides you with plenty of variety. As the second part of work-life balance, we need you. We provide the canvas, and you are the artist. You get to paint the future of your employment and your daily activities as colorfully as life itself.

Healthy at Work

... a fit in life



We’re convinced that your health is equal to what you put into it. And Ettlingen and its surroundings offer a host of great ways to promote it: from inspiring yoga classes across conventional gyms to exercise and nutrition classes at the local adult education school, there’s a lot you can do to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. Or do you prefer exercising in the great outdoors? The entire region around Ettlingen and Karlsruhe is full of cycling and hiking paths winding through beautiful natural landscapes dotted with beautiful lakes where you can swim and sunbathe in the summer. Or if you’re in the mood for something more challenging, you can sign up for the Baden Marathon or test your endurance in the Mudiator obstacle race in Iffezheim!


As a company, we also support you with a wide range of measures beyond the offices and factory halls to help you feel your best in every way! Throughout the year we organize a variety of athletic activities, and in the summertime you can participate in the WIKA relay marathon. In cooperation with our partner JobRad, you can get a leased bicycle and start pedaling for business and pleasure. You can also look forward to attractive offers from strong brands in the Corporate Benefits online store! For routine medical checkups, vaccinations, and ergonomic issues, our company physician is the person to turn to. In various ways – including a company pension, voluntary top-ups for added benefits, or automatically investing part of your salary to improve your financial situation later – you can help ensure a comfortable life after retirement.

JobRad bike leasing simply explained (German)

The Badisch' Way of Life...

... when you’re off work

The region of Baden (part of the German state of Baden-Württemberg) is overflowing with life – and WIKA Mobile Control is right in the middle of it. Since our company is located in the middle of Ettlingen, you have a huge range of ways to spend your leisure hours at your fingertips.

Do you love physical activity? Then why not go hiking on mossy trails around Bad Herrenhalb or head for the Mehliskopf, a low mountain that boasts a ski slope with lifts and all-year bobsled run? You can’t get enough of museums and exhibitions? There are no fewer than 27 of them in nearby Karlsruhe.



Or are you a fan of action and unusual events? Visit the annual city festival “Das Fest”, which attracts over a quarter of a million people, or experience thrilling rides in the world-famous Europapark near Rust. Blessed with 1,800 hours of sunlight a year, the residents of Baden enjoy a quality of life that is unequaled anywhere else in Germany. And if the sun ever sets, you can head for the open-air cinema evenings against the backdrop of picturesque Gottesau Castle.

So you can see that it never gets boring here – and WIKA Mobile Control stresses life just as much as a great atmosphere at work.

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