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Competent and reliable

No matter what your requirements are, we will provide the solutions to meet your needs. Our on-site service and helpdesk team has the extensive knowledge and experience in the field to effectely troubleshoot your system.

Comprehensive consultation and support

  • Product information
  • Repairs
  • Customer services
  • Retrofit and modernization
  • Warranty processing
  • Spare parts
  • Service training
  • Complaints

Your are in good hands

Providing excellent service performance is our priority. Our customers are our main focus and we want to ensure that your needs are being met.

Spare parts - everything you need

Stock and allocation

  • Stocking of spare parts based on customer-specific requirements
  • Allocation of spare parts for on-site service support
  • Availability of spare parts in the long term, also beyond the life cycle of the machine
  • Replacement solutions for discontinued products


  • Products leaving the warehouse stock within 24 hours
  • Replenishment within four to six weeks


If you require service or maintenance on your WIKA Mobile Control system, please contact our Service Department. You will receive:

  • Diagnostic results
  • Repair
  • Warranty processing
  • Troubleshooting


In all cases we ask you kindly to fill in our online form for repairs and complaints.


In case of problems or damage, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time. In any case, please fill out the online form for repairs and complaints in advance.

Service training

Our product and application related training sessions are tailored to your individual requirements. With each product specific training session you will increase your knowledge as a manufacturer, operator, contract or service partner. Training courses can be held at a WIKA Mobile Control facility or a course can be structured for companies at their own facilities to meet specific requirements.

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair

Service for Hirschmann MCS and PAT & KRÜGER

WIKA Mobile Control delivers official support for all Hirschmann MCS and PAT & Krüger branded-products. Contact us for service and spare parts. We are here to help you.

Hirschmann MCS, PAT & KRÜGER Products 

Additional offers

Do you need further service features that are not listed here? Please contact us!

Product Support

The Product Support Site offers detailed product support information including manuals, system components, drawings and troubleshooting procedures for your WIKA Mobile Control, Hirschmann MCS or PAT system. Simply follow this link to enter our product support platform and get the information you need.

On-site service

Your satisfaction is our priority!

Our service and repair technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in the field and are available to quickly and effectively troubleshoot your system. We offer an extensive service range from professional installation and commissioning on-site to fast and reliable function diagnosis. 


  • Professional installation of individual products and system solutions

Taking into consideration 

  • Product specifications
  • Recognized technical rules and regulations
  • Your requirements


  • Function tests
  • Documentation using service reports and approval protocols


  • On-site troubleshooting 

Technical Service Training Courses

WIKA Mobile Control's Technical Service Training courses feature classroom training along with actual hands-on experience using system simulators. The courses are taught by WIKA Mobile Control industry experts, who understand the theory and application of each system. Regardless of your level of experience, this hands-on training supports you in troubleshooting system components quickly and effectively, which will minimize machine down time and thus increase profits.

Course outline

Training courses can be held at WIKA Mobile Control's facility or a course can be structured for companies at their own facilities to meet specific requirements. A typical course outline includes the following: 

  • System description and function
  • Console description, set up, and operation
  • Component identification and location
  • Operating Error Codes
  • Troubleshooting introduction and description
  • Troubleshooting individual components
  • Introduction to service screens
  • Hands-on troubleshooting
  • Questions and answers



Welcome to the US Service Training Program 2019!

Each course includes system theory, sensor calibration, wiring, hands-on troubleshooting and troubleshooting CAN Bus error codes. Course materials include an increased number of visuals, hands-on learning activities, and classroom interaction. Each course will cover current OEM’s and aftermarket WMC products in the field including the new qSCALE Ix and cSCALE indicators.

Check the venues and dates

Retrofit and Modernization

WIKA Mobile Control provides you with the right solutions for keeping your mobile machines up-to-date. Whether there are phased-out spare parts, downtimes due to aging equipment or problems with Hirschmann, PAT or KRÜGER systems - we are here to ensure your machines are running at any time. Further services at a glance:

  • Upgrades to current technologies
  • Implementation of safety systems to comply with existing standards
  • modernization of cranes during overhaul

Repair & Service

In the case of return deliveries or complaints, we would like to process your enquiries even faster and satisfying.

We kindly ask you to fill out the Repair & Service online form completely. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical support

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