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Successful Teamwork

What’s the key to being successful at work? Good preparation? Right! Personal attributes like a goal orientation, the ability to make decisions and persuasiveness? They’re also essential. But at WIKA Mobile Control, we’re convinced that it is values like responsibility, tolerance, and especially team spirit that really make the difference. We can only achieve our goals if we all pull on the same rope. And these aren’t just empty words but corporate values that we have defined together and firmly anchored in our corporate culture. They are essential for a good work-life balance – and for the success of every team on the job.

Key Values

...from colleagues for colleagues

Sometimes the solution

… is just a door away.

The team of WIKA Mobile Control in Ettlingen/Germany is small, kind of like a big family. Boring? By no means! The relatively small number of employees confers many benefits on them – after all, they know one another. This facilitates communication and decisions across departments. If you have a question, you just go up or down a floor and return to your workplace with the answer.

At WIKA Mobile Control, each and every employee is appreciated – both for his or her professional capabilities and as people. Everyone has an important contribution to make, regardless of their task and department.

Health & Balance

Work as part of your life

Your everyday work is an important part of your life. After all, you spend a large chunk of your time at your workplace. We therefore strive to ensure a pleasant working environment. This includes balanced, healthy meals. In our cafeteria you can help yourself to freshly prepared salads as well as a choice of delicious hot dishes at special reduced prices.

Intelligently designed work approaches and flexible working hours ensure the compatibility of family of work and let you enjoy a good work-life balance.

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