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Want to learn more about our service training program?

WIKA Mobile Control now offers three service training formats: in-person, virtual, and custom service training! Every course includes classroom instruction as well as simulator training. Now you can experience the same quality service training either in-person or from the convenience of your location!

Welcome to the 2024 WIKA Mobile Control Service Training Program!

Choose your preferred format for your next WIKA Mobile Control Service Training course

No matter which class format you chose, all courses are taught by WIKA Mobile Control industry experts, who understand the theory and application of each system. Regardless of your level of experience, our training supports you in troubleshooting system components quickly and effectively:

  • In-Person Training (travel required): Includes classroom training along with actual hands-on experience using system simulators. In-person classes feature two days of instruction, cover three different WMC products and are held at various locations across the US.
  • Virtual Webinar Training (no travel required): Online webinar classes include four hours of live instruction with system simulators that cover one WMC product. Travel is not required for this option as all virtual classes are taken from the convenience of your location using a computer.
  • Custom Service Training (no travel required): Customized service training classes are designed specifically for your organization. Suitable for 5-10 attendees, each customized course features classroom instruction that includes installation, setup procedures, troubleshooting, and hands-on simulator training. Our training instructor will travel to your specified location and cover the WMC products of your choice.

Course outline

A typical course includes the following:

  • Service / Operation / Troubleshooting
  • Simulator training
  • Installation / setup procedures 


Dates & Registration

Click the link below to register for a scheduled training or to request your customized training. 
For more information, please contact sarah.nell@wika.com or +1 717-217-2255.


In-Person Training Classes (travel required)

...more 2024 dates coming soon!


Virtual Training Classes (travel not required)*


June 13, 2024
Virtual Training
1pm - 5pm EST
DS350 GW


June 27, 2024
Virtual Training
1pm - 5pm EST


*Please note that all virtual courses require the use of a computer with internet connection.

Attendee Statements

See what our attendees have to say about past classroom events of the WIKA Mobile Control Training Program.











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