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Demolition ExcavatorMaster demolition!

Customer specific OEM solution for demolition excavators: safety & productivity

This solution provides a display of the permissible working ranges and offers visual and acoustic support to reduce possible operating errors. In addition, usage monitoring is performed by recording operating data. This increases safety, boosts productivity and improves efficiency.


At a glance

  • Reduced risk of accidents from tipping
  • Increased productivity through maximizing the machine’s utilization
  • Reduction of possible operating errors through visual and acoustic support
  • Usage monitoring with internal data logger

System Description

System Features

  • Real-time display of the precise position of demolition arm and tool
  • Monitors machine across all operating conditions
  • Indication of the allowed working area via dynamic working range shapes
  • 7“ capacitive touch display
  • Simple, icon-based menu for enhanced usability
  • Multiple boom configurations with automatic boom detection
  • Acoustic and visual warning to the operator when working near the cab due to potentially falling debris
  • Warning when chassis tilt exceeds an allowed inclination
  • Optional: support of a camera to show the attachment during operation

Service & Diagnostics

  • Integrated data logger (event logger, cyclic logger, parameter logger
  • Machine geometry and working areas for attachments are adaptable via parameter file
  • Display-guided sensor adjustment
  • Password-protected service menu: Up-/download log files, adjustment of sensors, display fault memory…

System layout



    Robust inclination sensors for rough environments

Optional solutions

Hardwired camera

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