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LLEAP Gold Award for the qSCALE I2 TH rated capacity indicator for telehandlers

The qSCALE I2 TH rated capacity indicator from WIKA Mobile Control has won the Gold Award at the LLEAP Awards 2023. Find out everything you need to know about this innovative system for telehandlers

From components to system integration

WIKA Mobile Control presents standard and customized solutions for mobile machines at ConExpo

WIKA Mobile Control presents several new products at ConExpo 2023

From sensors and controllers to HMI interfaces and load moment indicators, WIKA Mobile Control will have a variety of new components and system solutions for mobile machines on display at ConExpo

Mobile controller meets trueSafety standard

Our latest safety controllers of the CTL-S700 series combine over 50 years of functional safety experience in one powerful trueSafety device

qSCALE I2 TH series of step-by-step instructional videos

Learn more about the qSCALE I2 TH rated capacity indicator system for telehandlers in our step-by-step instructional videos

Service training in three formats

WIKA Mobile Control provides service training for 2023 in three different formats

A focus on load safety

WIKA Mobile Control takes a look at existing telehandler standards and trends

Lift with confidence!

WIKA Mobile Control’s qSCALE I2 TH rated capacity indicator (RCI) system was designed specifically for telehandlers on the American market and is suitable for both OEM and aftermarket telehandler applications

WIKA Group together at bauma 2022

WIKA Mobile Control exhibits at this year's bauma together with WIKA, creating added value for mobile machines

WIKA innovations at bauma 2022

From safety controllers of the CTL-S700 series to powerful components measuring force, pressure, geometry or level: At this year's bauma, the WIKA Group will present a variety of trade show innovations and proven technologies!

Safety at the highest level

With the controllers of the CTL-S700 series WIKA Mobile Control presents the latest generation of safety electronics that are perfectly suited for use in mobile applications

Our plus in functionality: cSCALE AI2CAN+

cSCALE AI2CAN+ is not only an innovative module for analog/CAN signal conversion, but also a trip amplifier for stand-alone features

Family resemblance!

WIKA Mobile Control welcomes two new consoles to the vSCALE family: vSCALE E2 and vSCALE E3

3 Service Training Formats

WIKA Mobile Control offers three different service training formats for North America: individual, virtual or face-to-face!

Wireless solutions for the precast concrete industry

WIKA Mobile Control provides wireless system for QMC boom trucks used in harsh working environments

Two service training formats, same quality training

WIKA Mobile Control provides virtual and in-person service training for 2022

Safe operations at elevated heights

WIKA Mobile Control supplies overload protection system with safety cut-off function for telescopic articulating lifts of the TA55 series from Altec Inc.

Having a field day with our smallest controller

With cSCALE Compact, WIKA Mobile Control presents a new generation of particularly compact and cost-effective controllers – also directly available with integrated RCL library

On a winning streak!

WIKA Mobile Control LP (USA) presents Top Sales Award to Crane Warning Systems for 12th year in a row

Individually controlled!

With cSCALE S9, WIKA Mobile Control presents the latest modular controller in the S series for mobile working machines

Easily upgraded!

It takes only 6 steps to implement the new control generation: WIKA Mobile Control supports customers in the migration from the cSCALE S6 control to the brand new cSCALE S9 – in only 4 minutes!

Efficiently protected!

With the new cSCALE S9 trueSafety safety controller, customers benefit from even more safety combined with high availability

Designing Safe Rated Capacity Limitation

With qSCALE RCL trueSafety, WIKA Mobile Control offers the first certified software library for rated capacity limitation (RCL, also known as LMI) of telescopic cranes

qSCALE Sx: Rated Capacity Limitation In a System

qSCALE Sx systems for rated capacity limitation (RCL, also known as LMI) are customized system solutions for your demanding applications

Setting Parameters for Rated Capacity Limitation

With the qSCALE Sx Configurator, users can easily and individually set parameters for their qSCALE Sx rated capacity limitation system (RCL, also known as LMI)

The Force to Measure

From theoretical principles of the physical quantity "force" to the technologies of force measurement

Force Sensors Made to Measure

Flexible, robust and precise: Discover the comprehensive and customizable WIKA Mobile Control portfolio of fSENS force sensors

Uncompromisingly Safe Force Sensors

trueSafety: WIKA Mobile Control offers a comprehensive portfolio of safety force sensors that meet special requirements of mobile machines

Force Measurement in a System

WIKA Mobile Control develops integrated safety systems for mobile machines – with force measurement playing a major role

Pressure Measurement in 2020

With pSENS MH-4, WIKA Mobile Control introduces the latest generation of pressure sensors

Effective Training in 2020

WIKA Mobile Control launches live online service training courses in North America

Setting Limits

WIKA Mobile Control develops intuitive operating concept to limit the working area of telescopic cranes

CAN you handle pressure?

With pSENS MH-3 and pSENS MHC-1 you benefit from WIKA's decades of experience in robust and precise pressure sensor technology for mobile machinery

Looking to the Future

WIKA Mobile Control presents a new, 100% backwards compatible generation of gSENS LWG length/angle sensors

Resembling a Yoyo

…but rewinding a little more reliably! The new gSENS LWG 610 length/angle sensor from WIKA Mobile Control impresses in price, performance and technology

Welcome to ConExpo in Fabulous Las Vegas

WIKA Mobile Control presents a series of new products at North America's largest construction trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada

Curtain up!

Escal Services, the official French WIKA Mobile Control dealer, installs control system in the Bastille Opera House, Paris

Service Training with WMC Industry Experts

The US Service Training Program of WIKA Mobile Control starts a new round in 2020 – here you can find all information

A Decade Full of Innovation

WIKA Mobile Control looks back on the milestones of the 2010s

New LMI Feature for Manitex Boom Trucks

WIKA Mobile Control offers a tailor-made LMI solution for the LineWise attachment for supporting energized power lines on Manitex truck-mounted cranes

Double the Safety for SF6 Gas Dehydration

With GAD-2000, WIKA Mobile Control and WIKA develop a safe SF6 gas dehydration solution for gas-filled equipment during operation as a joint project

Anti-two Block Switch for Safe Lifting Operations

Reliable anti-two block switch iSENS HES protects man and machine in harsh environments

Precise Rotation Angle Measurement

Innovative magnetic measuring technology paves the way for gSENS DWG 11 and 21 rotary encoders

Double Safety at the Docks

At this year's TOC Europe in Rotterdam, WIKA Mobile Control will present safety solutions for the port industry together with force specialist tecsis

Getting Expertise from the Experts

WIKA Mobile Control offers regional Service Training Courses in the USA

Communication in the Age of Industry 4.0

WIKA Mobile Control is working today on the efficient communication in automation platforms of tomorrow

A control as diverse as your projects

WIKA Mobile Control presents the latest modular controller in the S-series: cSCALE S9

The boom always under control

New generation of length angle sensors offers even more safety for mobile machines in harsh environments

Big, bigger, D6

WIKA Mobile Control presents the largest-ever console of the vSCALE series

Meet our Experts

WIKA Mobile Control exhibits at a joint booth at this year's bauma

A team of experts needs powerful components

At bauma 2019, WIKA Mobile Control presents reliable components for harsh environments

...and the Safety Officer has the final say

The smart safety officer WIKA Mobile Control will show at this year's bauma what really matters concerning safety solutions for mobile machines

CI33: Plug and Play Solution for the Retrofit Market

WIKA Mobile Control presents an easily configurable, multifunctional display for mobile machines in harsh environments

All Forces in Focus

Standalone application FI44 simultaneously displays single loads and load eccentricity of several force sensors

Success in a Row

Crane Warning Systems, Inc. receives Top Sales Award for 10th consecutive year

Huānyíng lái dào WIKA Mobile Control

Renaming of the joint venture between WIKA Mobile Control and XCMG

Playing it safe at the shore!

WIKA Mobile Control’s overload protection system installed on gantry cranes at Red Hook Terminal, New York

A truckload full of safety

WIKA Mobile Control installs qSCALE I2 load moment indicator on SMF Boom Trucks

Are you connected to us yet?

One click is all it takes: Become part of the WIKA Mobile Control network!

Maintaining great connections

WIKA Mobile Control invites Partners to EMEA Partner Event 2018

Expand existing connections

WIKA Mobile Control offers DS350 Modular Boom Control Upgrade

The right controller for every application

WIKA Mobile Control presents a cost-effective control alternative: cSCALE IMC A0525

More safety for telehandlers

WIKA Mobile Control installs qSCALE I2 RCI on XTREME Telehandler

WIKA Mobile Control: 50 Years of Safety and Innovation

WIKA Mobile Control looks back on 50 years of corporate history

qSCALE maestro: Field test passed

WIKA Mobile Control launches new qSCALE maestro LMI Upgrade Solution

Many Paths Lead to WIKA Mobile Control

All-purpose contact form launched at www.wika-mc.com

Big, Bigger, D6!

WIKA Mobile Control presents the biggest-ever console of the vSCALE series

vSCALE D3-2: Taking HMI to a New Level

A new console generation of the vSCALE Series excels with outstanding performance and extended functionality

US Dealer Conference 2018

Partners of WIKA Mobile Control LP get to know better the company, our solutions and new structures

WIKA Mobile Control at TOC Europe in Rotterdam

WIKA Mobile Control and partner exhibit an expanded portfolio of safety systems and components for ports

CANlogger: for Recording CAN Network Data

CANlogger from WIKA Mobile Control is an innovative tool for troubleshooting and recording data from CAN bus systems

New Website Section for Retrofit Solutions from the U.S.

Get information quickly and easily in a new "Product Support" section for U.S. products at www.wika-mc.com

For Greater Safety at the Docks: WIKA Mobile Control at TOC Asia

At TOC Asia in Singapore on April 24 and 25, WIKA Mobile Control will exhibit a certified system and certified components for overload protection

New Calibration Interface for qSCALE Ix

Quick and easy calibration: new software for qSCALE Ix with revised visualizations available as of March

Certified Overload Protection with Three Display Versions

Certified overload protection for bridge and gantry cranes is now available with three different display versions

CODESYS WebVisu: a New Feature for Flexibly Configuring cSCALE Controls

Anytime, anywhere: CODESYS WebVisu lets you conveniently access the screens of cSCALE control systems using your web browser

We Are WIKA Mobile Control

Proven safety under a new flag: Hirschmann MCS now belongs to the WIKA Group

Strong Partners

The WIKA Group and WIKA Mobile Control: an alliance that adds value

Data Loggers Required for Mobile Cranes in Singapore

Deadline: August 1, 2018! The transition period for equipping mobile cranes stationed in Singapore with data loggers will end soon. Fortunately, Hirschmann MCS supplies solutions for complying with this requirement.

Welcome to the cSCALE Family: I/O 15 and I/O 17

New I/O cards extend the configuration range of your cSCALE control solution.


Innovative qSCALE MAESTRO Replaces the PAT Hirschmann DS 350

More than 30,000 PAT Hirschmann DS 350 consoles have been installed worldwide. Now the innovative new qSCALE MAESTRO is taking this success story to another level.

cSCALE Controllers: Both SAFE and SECURE!

cSCALE controllers ensure not only safety but also a new level of security.

Greater Flexibility for PRS 90 Multi-Sensor Display

Hirschmann MCS has released a new version of the PRS 90 multi-sensor display that works with wireless or wired sensors.

Hirschmann supplies rated capacity indicator solution for Volvo’s pipelayers

Volvo has partnered with Hirschmann MCS to install a cSCALE-rated capacity indicator on its PL4809E and PL3005E pipelayers.

System solution for Elliott’s aerial work platforms

Elliott Equipment Company is equipping their E145 & E190 aerial work platforms with a complete Hirschmann MCS iSCALE Control System.

Hirschmann MCS at TOC Europe 2017

At this year’s TOC Europe in Amsterdam, Hirschmann MCS will present itself as a major partner to ports and terminals for weight verification and overload protection.

New Product: CI55 Inclination Indicator

Hirschmann MCS has introduced the new CI55 for monitoring inclination and tilt angle values previously measured by a sensor.

2016 Top Sales Awards

On a roll: for the eighth consecutive time, the Hirschmann MCS Top Sales Award for North America has gone to Crane Warning Systems Inc. in Lakeland, Florida.

Instructional videos on qSCALE Ix are online now

Hirschmann has produced and released seven videos explaining different settings and functions of the qSCALE Ix safe load indicator. Now this complex information is available in a simple, understandable and user-friendly way.

Factory Passes Audit by TÜV SÜD

The yearly reaudit of the Hirschmann MCS production plant in Ettlingen, Germany was carried out in March. Multiple departments were checked.


To benefit from latest-generation safe load indication, JIGE INTERNATIONAL has installed the qSCALE I2 system in a tow truck for heavy vehicles.

Hirschmann MCS will be exhibiting at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Hirschmann MCS will be exhibiting at CONEXPO-CON/AGG at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on March 7-11. According to show organizers, 2,500+ exhibitors and over 130,000 attendees will be in attendance to see the latest trends in the construction industry.

Highlights in 2016: an End-of-the-Year Review

An eventful year is approaching its end. Over the past 12 months, Hirschmann MCS has been extremely busy implementing a large number of exciting new solutions.

Certified: Innovative Complete Concept for Overload Protection in Cranes

A certified complete overload protection concept from Hirschmann saves crane manufacturers and operators the expense and trouble of obtaining individual certificates when initially equipping or re-equipping cranes.

trueSafety at SPS IPC Drives

This year Hirschmann MCS is presenting innovative, reliable trueSafety solutions at Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation.


Hirschmann MCS presents new Camera Indicator

System provides a direct view of the application.


Hirschmann MCS hosts 2016 Dealer Conference in Chambersburg

Approximately 25 dealers from the US and Canada were in attendance.


ZPMC Pioneers Certified Overload Protection System

Hirschmann MCS has installed its first new certified complete overload protection solution in a gantry crane for world’s largest port crane producer in Shanghai.

Hirschmann MCS Attended ICHCA Seminar on Ship-Port Interfaces

ICHCA International recently held a three-day industry conference on safety and efficiency at the ship/port interface.

Review of TOC and ICHCA: Two Events, One Topic

Hirschmann MCS made a big splash at TOC in Hamburg with its new fSENS MLS sensor used as the core of an innovative solution for complying with the new SOLAS rules.

WLAN Communication for the Karis Pro Research Project

Hirschmann MCS is involved in a project to develop an innovative intralogistics system for production.


Hirschmann Wins "100 Places for Industry 4.0" Competition

Hirschmann is one of the winners of the "100 Places for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg" competition held by this German state to honor companies that develop and implement exemplary Industry 4.0 solutions.

Hirschmann MCS at TOC Europe 2016 in Hamburg

From June 14 to 16, Hirschmann MCS will meet up with the leading port and terminal professionals at TOC Europe 2016 in Hamburg.

Test Installation at PNC in South Korea

On July 1st the new SOLAS (Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) regulations on verifying the weight of freight containers will take effect worldwide. For that reason the new system from Hirschmann MCS was recently tested at PNC (Pusan Newport International Terminal) in South Korea.

Hirschmann MCS organises partner event in Ettlingen

An EMEA partner event with participants from Europe, the Near East and Turkey was organised at Hirschmann MCS from 7th to 9th April. Apart from product introductions and presentation of system solutions, the platform "Partner for Partner" has been set up.

Hirschmann MCS – Partnering with customers to provide innovative solutions

Everything from one source - from vision to market launch: As a reliable solution-oriented partner, Hirschmann MCS supports its customers through the entire system integration process.

Top Sales Award 2015

Hirschmann MCS Presents Top Sales Award to Crane Warning Systems Inc. for 7th Consecutive Year.


Now TÜV certified: cSCALE S6 control

Top safety with high availability: With its trueSafety control cSCALE S6 Hirschmann MCS meets all current and future safety requirements in mobile machines.

The trade press being guests at Hirschmann MCS

“Mobile Safety Automation - trends in a networked world”: Hirschmann MCS presented itself during an evening event within the framework of Karlsruhe Trade Press Days.

Weight verification at the harbor with components of Hirschmann MCS

Compulsory in four months already - the obligatory weight verification of freight containers before loading the ship.

Introducing the Wireless Multi-Sensor Indicator PRS 90

Hirschmann Mobile Machine Control Solutions (MCS) has introduced the innovative PRS 90 wireless indicator. This system was designed to improve productivity in lifting applications and meet industry standards for indicating devices.

allcons relies on Hirschmann MCS safety system

While working on a steep incline, the topic of safety is critical - a challenge, for which allcons Maschinenbau GmbH, located in the German town of Ladenburg, relies on the redundant fSENS MA of Hirschmann MCS for assistance.

Product portfolio is picking up speed in Turkey

"The latest product introductions of Hirschmann MCS to the Turkish market have been very successful in the OEM and retrofit markets", reports Vinçmak, the Turkish partner of Hirschmann MCS. The qSCALE I2 has already been installed on five cranes.

Hirschmann MCS receives EG-AEO certificate

Terrorism, globalisation and the international security situation have caused the World Customs Organisation to set up a world-wide risk management in the customs administrations. In the EU, the approved economic operators (AEOs) constitute an important element in the safety concept.

B2RUN sponsored run for a good cause

Several employees of Hirschmann MCS have participated in this year’s B2RUN corporate run in the German town of Karlsruhe. Incentive and stimulus for the athletic employees: For every kilometre run by its employees, the company wanted to donate Euro 10 for a good cause.

Nominated: Leading innovator in environmental technology

The Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Industry of the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg has nominated Hirschmann MCS with an certificate for the production process of its fSENS force sensors on July 7, 2015.

cSCALE control for rail excavator and hoisting machines

Work with excavating and hoisting machines on railroad tracks is carried out at night in most cases so that rail operation is not disturbed unnecessarily. Next morning the rails have to be cleared again in order to ensure smooth operation in rail transport.

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