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Telescopic CraneTop-level safety

Flexible control systems

The safety systems from WIKA Mobile Control are best suited for mobile telescopic cranes with telescopically adjustable and luffing main booms which are used in rough environments on construction sites. The crane stability is ensured via extendable outriggers and counter weights. 

During the lifting process, the maximum load is calculated by means of the operating mode. The position of the load is defined and displayed to the crane operator. According to the standard EN 13000, hazards such as the crane tipping over, the rope breaking due to overloads are prevented. In doing so, the condition of the crane is monitored by sensors for force measurementlength measurementangle measurement and pressure measurement.


At a glance

  • Load moment indication
  • Operating concepts for working area limitation
  • Telescoping monitoring system
  • Load sensing
  • Outrigger monitoring
  • Angle measurement at bottom and top of boom

Requirements & Features

Setup states & special safety

  • General cut-off
  • Single movement cut-offs via digital outputs
  • Synchronized main boom extension
  • Measuring the total length of the main boom/of the first telescope
  • Main boom with telescopes (independently movable/synchronized)
  • Main boom with quick-action stroke roller
  • Man basket on main boom and fly jib
  • Fixed fly jib
  • Free fall function for hoist
  • Selection of the telescoping mode
  • Reduction of crane movement speed depending on length, angle, utilization
  • Outrigger monitoring
  • Virtual wall
  • User limits (radius, angle, height, slew angle, and length)
  • Superlift


  • Data logger
  • Event recorder
  • Sensor calibration via console
  • Functional display with crane configuration (schematic)
  • On-screen configuration for available hoist and outrigger monitoring
  • Graphic operation mode selection with manual override function
  • Graphic information screen for selected setup state
  • Output of status information on service screens as a table or graphic
  • Extended error messages (multi levels)
  • Detailed and prioritized error lists 
  • Status information displayed with symbols or text
  • Service screens (multi level with text, tables or graphics)
  • Load spectrum counter
  • Lift counter
  • Load collective counter
  • Operation hour counter
  • Automatic load chart selection
  • Communication with crane control via CAN and I/O
  • Camera input

Visualization of

  • Status information from crane controller
  • Inclination by bubble level
  • Engine monitoring data (J1939)


We offer the right components and software solutions for the requirements of these applications. We also provide additional solutions- from a standard product to a custom system- all from one source. 


  • Load moment indication
  • Graphic console application
  • Data logger
  • Rotary encoder
  • Inclination sensor
  • Outrigger monitoring
  • Event recorder

Additional hardware

  • Wind speed sensor
  • Rotary encoder
  • Inclination sensor

qSCALE RCL trueSafety

A certified software library for rated capacity limitation in telescopic cranes with qSCALE Sx systems

Give your telescopic cranes certified safety – with qSCALE RCL trueSafety, the first-ever certified software library for these applications. The RCL calculation library and corresponding tools give you a vetted basis for quick and easy certification of applications and machines. As experienced specialists in load moment indication (also known as rated capacity limitation = RCL) for mobile cranes, we regularly set new, innovative standards.



  • qSCALE Sx

    Customized and certified system solutions for overload protection

  • Certified software solution qSCALE RCL trueSafety for qSCALE Sx systems 
  • Enables the safety-oriented mobile controller with PL d acc. to ISO 13849
  • Compliant with all specifications for safety-oriented embedded software (SRESW)
  • qSCALE RCL trueSafety library includes: RCL calculation program, RCL test program and RCL recording program
  • Certified development process, incl. review of all specifications documentation, architecture, module descriptions and module and integration tests
  • In combination with certified hardware (controller and sensors) for the certified rated capacity limitation for telescopic cranes
  • Applicable for telescopic cranes of the following types: Boom-only, fixed jib, folding or luffing jib and superlift
  • Qualified for integrating safety products into new mobile cranes in order to comply with the requirements of the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), type-B-1 ISO 13849 standard, DIN EN ISO 61508 and DIN EN ISO 62061



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