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From robust components to integrated systems: we provide the solutions that you need to succeed!

Pressure Sensors

Benefit from WIKA's pressure sensors specially designed for the requirements of mobile machinery.

Anti-two Block Switches

Our anti-two block switches are ideally suited for use in humidity, hot or cold conditions – with maximum availability at the same time!


WIKA Mobile Control offers versatile HMI with innovative operational concepts to interact with mobile machines in extreme environments.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless into the future! The innovative WIKA Mobile Control Wireless Solutions offer a maximum of reliability and user-friendliness.

Geometric Sensors

gSENS sensors detect geometric parameters such as an object’s angle or length and converts them into electrical values.


With cSCALE control solutions, WIKA Mobile Control offers a platform for mobile machines in rough environments that can grow with its challenges.


WIKA Mobile Control's load moment indicators (LMI) deliver safety for your crane. Simple configuration and out-of-the-box functionality support easy set-up and installation.

Retrofit Solutions

WIKA Mobile Control offers simple and easily implemented solutions for retrofitting your mobile machines.

Force Sensors

Choose the right premium force sensors for your application from a large, varied portfolio!

Trip Amplifiers

The robust trip amplifiers from WIKA Mobile Control are used to monitor measurement signals for exceeding set limit values.

I/O Signal Capture

The cSCALE DIO-series offers versatile and extremely rugged I/O modules for decentralized detection of analog and digital sensor signals.


trueSafety is the WIKA Mobile Control definition for integrated safety from one source – and more flexibility and economic efficiency for the customer. Together with the customer, WIKA Mobile Control safety experts look into the relevant standards and requirements, and thus offer expertise and services for product and system certification. This process guarantees topmost safety including high availability for mobile machines. Discover our trueSafety products!

qSCALE RCL trueSafety

Designing Safe Rated Capacity Limitation – qSCALE RCL trueSafety is the first certified software library for telescopic cranes.

cSCALE S-Series trueSafety

cSCALE S-Series trueSafety controllers provide even more safety and reliability for your mobile machinery.

fSENS trueSafety force sensors

The robust fSENS MA trueSafety force sensors can be configured in standardized and customized versions.

System Integration

From stand-alone components to complex systems: With WIKA Mobile Control you can obtain everything from one source. We support you as a partner through the entire system integration process – from vision to market launch.


No matter if heat, dust, mud or humidity: You can always rely on our robust components. Our safety systems enable reliable operation under harsh conditions for a variety of applications.

Service Expert

You would like to retrofit your machine? You have questions about PAT Krüger or Hirschmann products?  You need a spare part? We have the answer: seeing the business from your perspective motivates us every day.

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