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We are your partner for innovative application services and safety solutions. Tell us about your project – and we will offer a suitable solution.

WIKA Mobile Control – Partnering with customers to provide innovative solutions

Working in a partnership with open communication is the primary focus of customer projects for WIKA Mobile Control. The WIKA Mobile Control application team supports its customers through the entire project from start to finish. A typical project includes requirement analysis, concept evaluation, project and system planning, certification and final implementation. Offering system solution capabilities from one source ensures the customer reduced coordination efforts resulting in a savings of cost and time. The trueSafety aspect for maximum safety including high availability always in vision. 

If the customer has limited experience in the field of safety to fulfill the standards requested, certified safety engineers are available to work with the customer through the process. To develop and certify the overall system, the associated software and hardware components, such as controls, sensors and HMI, are adapted to the individual requirements of the customer. During integration and system testing, the pilot phase is implemented in collaboration with the customer during the prototype startup. Comprehensive user documentation and training is available to assist the customer during the field introduction. 

Our responsibilities

With the ability to develop specific customized solutions according to your needs, we are your reliable partner from consultation, project planning, safety calculations, and project completion to technical support and training.


  • System analysis and engineering
  • Defining functionality
  • Planning and preparing specifications
  • Safety calculations

Project management

  • Component selection according to specific requirements
  • Project planning
  • Hardware and software proposal
  • System development 
  • Solution completion


  • Individual programming of applications, HMI and controls
  • In all 61131 language variants of CoDeSys 2.3 and 3.5 and 3.5 SIL 2
  • In C and C++

Documentation and testing

  • Technical specifications
  • Product documentation
  • Customer documentation
  • User manuals
  • Service manuals

Technical support

  • Prototype authorization
  • Training and workshops
  • German MOT certification support

Our experience

  • Architecture and calculation of safety chains in projects acc. to EN 13849

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