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Anti-two Block SwitchesiSENS HES - limit switches for safe lifting operations

At a glance

  • DGUV certification
  • Corrosion-resistant housing
  • Easy installation

During load lifting, a reliable final limit switch for winches, hoists or cranes is required to avoid a collision between crane hook and boom. The positive break limit switch is ideally suited for use in humidity, hot or cold conditions – with maximum availability at the same time!

Product Description

The anti-two block switch (A2B) iSENS HES consists of a switching unit and an optional divisible operating weight. When installed correctly, the A2B switch serves as positive break limit switch for use on winches, lifting equipment and cranes. For monitoring the electrical connection cable, one or two range resistors are included, depending on the type. The electrical functional part is completely sealed and thus provides excellent protection against harsh environmental conditions.


  • Standard: IEC/EN 60947-5-1
  • Pulling rope: stainless steel cable, 4mm
  • Tensile strength of rope: > 5kN
  • Actuation force: 37N max.
  • Electrical connection cable: three-pole/four-pole, various lengths
  • Dimensions (housing): 160 x 75 x 40 (L x W x H)
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +75°C
  • Protection class: IP67 acc. to EN 60529, electrical functional part completely sealed
  • Switching system: slow action, positive break NC
  • Utilization category: AC-15 250V/4A
  • Rated insulation voltage Ui: 250V AC
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage: 2,5kV
  • Conv. Thermal current Ith: 4A
  • Short-circuit protection: 4A gG (IEC 60269-1)
  • Monitoring lines: one or two included range resistors, various versions
  • Mech. lifespan: > 1 Mio. switching cycles 
  • Shock/Impulse resistance: 50g/6ms