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What does reliable safety mean in a system?

The definition is “the greatest possible absence of danger”. In the world of mobile machines, that means protecting people, machines and materials – and doing it consistently. But a high level of safety can also slow down processes. If you’ve had to wait in line for a security check at an airport, you know what we’re talking about. In the world of mobile machines, it’s about reliably ensuring safety and maximum availability at the same time. This calls for intelligent systems that are custom-tailored to the application at hand. And what do intelligent systems need? Right, system innovators! These are people who think out of the box, think further and think ahead!

Our definition of safety...

...is trueSafety

WIKA Mobile Control is the leading provider of certified, safety-oriented, customized control solutions for mobile applications in harsh environments. As such, we provide maximum safety in conjunction with high availability and prepare customers today to meet tomorrow’s safety challenges. In our businesses, the following standards play especially important roles:

  • EN ISO 13849
  • IEC/EN 62061
  • IEC/EN 61508


Based on these standards, some products are assigned a performance level and others a safety integrity level. Sometimes individual products are certified and other times entire systems. We know, it all sounds pretty complicated! But that’s what we’re here for. We support our customers in integrating TÜV-certified components or systems or for completing the entire certification process. Our term for this whole business is:

The WMC Product World

Maximum precision and quality

Reliable systems call for robust, precise, long-lasting components. The products of WIKA Mobile Control are developed and manufactured to comply with the specific requirements of mobile machine producers. They are characterized by outstanding quality and flexibility for automated solutions and optimally suited for use under harsh environmental conditions. Depending on the application, various components can be combined to create a system. Throughout it all, we draw on over 50 years of system integration experience.

System Integration

Turning parts into a whole

As a reliable, solution-oriented partner, WIKA Mobile Control guides its customers through the entire system integration process. This means working hand in hand with them, from the initial idea to its complete implementation. It starts with analyzing a customer’s requirements and assessing different ideas, continues with project and system planning, and finishes with certification and commissioning. We apply the system competence and experience we have accumulated over the years to take the burden of coordinating everything off the customer while saving them time and money. And throughout the process, we never lose sight of our trueSafety commitment to ensuring maximum safety and system availability.


Safety systems in use

Safety systems from WIKA Mobile Control allow precise, dependable use of mobile machines under harsh conditions. No matter whether they involve dust, heat, mud or moisture, our sturdy, vibration-proof components can be consistently relied on. Simple operation, common-sense menus, and state-of-the-art visualization are implemented to meet the latest automation requirements at construction sites. Every machine, system and application is unique – and that’s what makes it all so exciting.


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