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WIKA Mobile Control is your trusted partner for reliable safety solutions in the lifting and height-access industry

Safety Professional

WIKA Mobile Control is the leading supplier of certified, safety-related and individual control solutions for mobile applications – better safe than sorry!

Systems Specialist

We are your partner for innovative application services and safety solutions. Tell us about your project – and we will offer a suitable solution.

Components Manufacturer

From robust components to integrated systems: we provide the solutions that you need to succeed! Discover our sensors, controllers and HMI solutions!

Highest precision and quality!
From robust components to integrated systems: we provide the solutions that you need to succeed!


As hard as steel, but always with a sensitive feel!
Get a grip on forces with fSENS force sensors, feel the pressure with pSENS pressure sensors or detect unbalances with gSENS geometric sensors – our robust sensors are just the right partners for your machines!


Optimum safety with high availability! Our controllers are ready for use in safety-critical applications according to IEC 61508:2010 SIL 2, ISO 13849-1:2015 PL d and IEC 62061:2015 SIL 2 while providing the computing power you need to increase machine efficiency!


Always keeping an eye on your machine! Check service reports, change the operation mode or analyze error reports: WIKA Mobile Control offers versatile HMI with innovative operational concepts to interact with mobile machines in extreme environments.


Take control! With our machine control devices you can operate movements, such as walking, steering, braking or lifting – ergonomically and user-friendly. Steer your machines into the future!


We smarten up your machine! WIKA Mobile Control adds value for you with smart approaches including intelligent applications, innovative software tools and intuitive operating concepts!


Safety at the highest level! We flexibly meet tomorrow‘s safety requirements today as one of the leading suppliers of certified and safety-related system solutions for mobile applications.

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