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… and not only because our company is based at the heart of the strong technology region centering on Karlsruhe, Germany. We have our roots in the world of technology; we’ve been active in it for over 50 years, continue to shape it, and are surrounded by likable colleagues! Does this sound like a world in which you could thrive? If so, let’s move it together!


...we are stronger, faster and safer

WIKA Mobile Control is a strategic business unit of the WIKA Group. We’re represented worldwide: in addition to a facility in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania in the United States and a joint venture in Xuzhou, China, a globe-spanning network of dealers and partners provides the basis for our international activities. WIKA Mobile Control employs a total of more than 400 people. Together we make sure that tomorrow’s safety needs are already met today.

Our parent company is WIKA, a specialist in level monitoring, flow and calibration technology, as well as a globally known supplier of pressure and temperature measurement components. The corporate group is active worldwide with more than 9,000 colleagues in 40 countries. An interesting fact: more than 600 million WIKA measurement devices are in use worldwide!

We create safety for mobile machines!

Our services:

WIKA Mobile Control is an expert in the field of load moment limitation for telescopic and lattice boom cranes and a specialist in robust control solutions for mobile machines. What exactly does this mean?

Mobile machines such as mobile cranes and pipe layers have to safely and efficiently perform their tasks at construction sites worldwide. Which is easier said than done, since they work under the harshest conditions imaginable. Searing desert heat, arctic cold, mud, dust, vibrations: the components and systems of mobile machines have to withstand all this and more.

Innovative control systems from WIKA Mobile Control ensure a high level of safety for mobile machines, in addition to keeping them working reliably under adverse conditions. For example, we make sure that overloaded cranes switch off in time to prevent accidents such as tip-overs. And WIKA Mobile Control supplies everything from one source, from components to complete systems.

Does this sound exciting to you? If so, you’ll definitely feel right at home in our world of technology!

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