WIKA Mobile Control GmbH & Co. KG

PipelayerPrecision in the pipeline

High-performance control and overload protection

Requirements on Pipelayers expect deployability under most demanding conditions so that they can secure their competitive edge.

During the process, safety systems from WIKA Mobile Control enable safe handling of big and heavy pipes. Inclinations, tipping loads and boom angles are calculated and monitored. The stability of the machine is ensure via sensor technology capturing and measuring forces and angles.


At a glance

  • Monitoring of maximum load
  • Virtual Wall
  • Event recorder

System description

  • Capacity limiter
  • Force measurement
  • Load charts
  • Outputs
  • Inclination monitoring
  • Pivoting range monitoring system
  • Angle and slew angle measurement
  • Degree of utilization
  • Virtual wall
  • Graphic consoles display relevant values and parameters
  • Support of operation mode selection
  • Operation hour counter
  • Data logger
  • Event recorder for motion cut, override, and mute
  • Hoist limiting
  • Warning indicator
  • Limit value monitoring (SWL and cut-off limit)
  • External, customer-specific CAN communication
  • Multilingual (up to ten languages)


We offer the right components and software solutions for the requirements of these applications. We also provide additional solutions- from a standard product to a custom system- all from one source. 


  • Integrated safe load indication 
  • Graphic console application for load visualization
  • Data logger

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