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Trip AmplifiersReliable trip amplifiers for mobile machines

Reliably set limits
Trip amplifiers are used to monitor measurement signals for exceeding set limit values. This makes it easy to implement force, pressure, length or temperature limits in mobile machinery.


At a glance

  • Optimally suited for harsh environments
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design



  • EGS80

    Digital limit switch for mobile machines


    Digital trip amplifier with analog/CAN signal conversion

  • cSCALE AI2CAN+ trueSafety

    Trip amplifier for analog/CAN signal conversion and cross comparison functionalities

Product description

Trip amplifiers are used to monitor measurement signals for exceeding set limit values. The measuring signals can be of different types, e.g. temperature, current, frequency or measuring bridge signals. They can be monitored for falling below (MIN) or exceeding (MAX) the limit value. If the actual value of the measuring signal reaches the set point, the limit switches of WIKA Mobile Control react immediately and set the systems to the safe operating state. In the event of a fault, the limit switches will also go into a safe state. As a result, hazards to people, the environment, production plants, and goods can be detected and prevented early.

The switching output of the limit monitors can be used to activate emergency shutdowns or alarms. Simple operation and monitoring options are provided by connecting the limit value switches to a display unit or to an analog input of the process control system. WIKA Mobile Control offers two types of trip amplifiers: the digital limit switch EGS80 and the digital limit switch cSCALE AI2CAN+.


Devices of the cSCALE AI2CAN+ series are trip amplifiers that can convert up to four analog inputs into a CAN output signal. The trip amplifier not only provides signal conversion functions, but also stand-alone functions, including cross comparisons with optional switching output. cSCALE AI2CAN+ can be operated as a CAN slave device or used as a stand-alone device. The high-quality electronics of the trip amplifier enable convenient connection of a wide range of sensors and actuators.


The EGS80 limit switch enables galvanic isolation of field and control circuits and can also be used as a galvanic isolator in its own right. It is suitable for performing a wide variety of measurements and tests. In combination with force transducers or load cells, it can also be used to monitor force or weight in mobile machines.

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