WIKA Mobile Control GmbH & Co. KG

gSENS Nxx01

Seawater-resistant inclination sensors

Robust inclination sensors for your mobile machines

These inclination sensors have a wide range of uses. Three different models are available to meet your needs: type N1101 with a measurement range of 0°...360°, type N1301 with the same range but as a redundant version, and type N2101 with a measurement range from -45°...45° and freely selectable directions of rotation in the X, Y and Z axes. All gSENS Nxx01 sensors deliver exception accuracy and precision throughout their measurement ranges. The resolution in all cases is 0.01°.

  • Measurement ranges: 0…360°, -45°…45°
  • Relative linearity error < 0.1% of FS over the entire measurement range
  • Good damping
  • IP67: seawater-resistant
  • Easy to retrofit


  • Measurement range:: 0°…360°, -45°…45°, other ranges available on request
  • Resolution: <0.01°
  • Output signal: 4…20 mA/ CANopen
  • Supply voltage: 9…36 V DC
  • Protection rating: IP67 acc. to IEC/EN 60529 (optionally IP69k)
  • Rated temperature BT,nom: -40...+85 °C
  • Electrical connection: cable, M12
  • Material of sensor body: seawater-resistant aluminum
  • Resistance to salt spray as per DIN EN 60068
  • Electromagnetic compatibility ac. to DIN 61326, DIN EN 61000, DIN ISO 7637, DIN ISO 11452, DIN EN 55025
  • Redundant versions available

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