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LLEAP Gold Award for the qSCALE I2 TH rated capacity indicator for telehandlers

The qSCALE I2 TH rated capacity indicator from WIKA Mobile Control has won the Gold Award at the LLEAP Awards 2023. Find out everything you need to know about this innovative system for telehandlers

The qSCALE I2 TH rated capacity indicator (RCI) for telehandlers from WIKA Mobile Control has received the coveted Gold Award at this year's LLEAP Awards 2023. This award recognizes the best and most innovative products in the lifting equipment industry. 


Technological excellence for telehandlers in the American market

The qSCALE I2 TH RCI was specially developed for telehandlers in the American market and is suitable for both OEM and retrofit applications for telehandlers. The 4.3-inch graphic console provides the machine operator with precise information on the actual and allowable load, boom height, boom length, boom angle and load radius.

The integration of a length/angle sensor for measuring boom length and angle as well as pressure sensors for measuring the hydraulic pressure in the cylinders provide reliable accuracy and precision. In addition, three optional system components can be added as required. A strain sensor on the rear axle minimizes the risk of tipping accidents, the gSENS WGX sensor indicates the tilt of the chassis, and the optional cSCALE DIO module enables upgrading to a load capacity limiter (RCL) for even more safety.


Visual and acoustic support for the operator

A key advantage of the RCI system is the visual and acoustic support for the operator. Within the permissible range, the load indicator on the 4.3-inch display shows green, while the machine operator is warned with alarm signals in the red overload range. This function enables the operator to make optimum use of the machine's load capacity without overloading it.


Data logger for in-depth analysis

The integrated data logger records machine usage data and makes it easier to identify inappropriate machine use. The recorded data can be exported using a USB stick. A suitable Windows tool with extensive evaluation and analysis functions enables the creation of tabular and graphical reports on machine productivity and potential overloads.

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