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qSCALE IxRated capacity indicator for telescopic cranes

No programming - just configuration

As part of the innovation approach, WIKA Mobile Control provides a new concept for rated capacity indication (RCI) – the qSCALE Ix: An effective RCI system solution for telescopic cranes.


At a glance

  • Reduced and simplified calibration
  • Well-engineered HMI graphic interface
  • Integrated real-time PLC-control


qSCALE Ix supports a wide set of features used in telescopic crane applications

  • Direct load measurement
  • Indirect measurement using one or two pressure sensors (piston side / rod and piston side pressure) and angle sensor
  • Synchronized boom extension
  • Support for optional jibs or inserts
  • Outrigger monitoring
  • Rigging state selection based on external signals
  • Rigging/transport modes 
  • Multiple pick points (not at the same time)
  • Multiple winches
  • Working range alarms

Configurable cut-off e.g.

  • overload cut-off
  • single movement
  • wind speed or high voltage detection cut-off 


Configuration instead of programming

  • No CoDeSys or other programming knowledge required
  • Application configuration functions can be executed by a system integrator or service partner
  • Minimization of the system integration time
  • Customized configuration of the HMI visualization
  • Cost-effective for the retrofit market
  • Suitable as an upgrade for older cranes
  • Crane configuration tool is available in 3 versions: Service, Basic, Expert 

A reliable investment

  • An effective rated capacity indication system solution for telescopic cranes
  • HMI visualization and rated capacity indication are integrated in only one device
  • All standard sensor interfaces are supported: including CANopen, 4...20mA, 0-10V and/or wireless sensors 

Reduced and simplified calibration of the crane

  • Time required for crane calibration is greatly reduced and completely documented
  • User friendly HMI menu driven calibration process
  • Calibration is only required during the commissioning of the crane prototype
  • TÜV acceptance test and overload trips are only required for serial production of the crane
  • Short calibration reduces the cost for the crane completion
  • For use in OEM and Retrofit crane applications 

The crane operator benefits from the qSCALE Ix

  • User-friendly HMI console supports the crane operator 
  • Easy to use step-by-step setup process
  • Graphic elements visualize the crane setup and allow easy verification with the real crane configuration
  • Operating modes can be selected by a graphic (no numerical codes needed)
  • Extended diagnostic and service menus reduce crane down-time 

qSCALE Ix Crane Configurator Tool

Complex application software programming is no longer necessary with the qSCALE Ix crane configurator.

  • Simple configuration of the crane parameters and features, including the RCI functions, significantly reduces the system integration time
  • qSCALE Ix crane configurator comes with a comprehensive set of default graphics and languages, so the graphic layout can be defined in just a few clicks
  • Simplified calibration process with easy-to-understand instructions
  • Detailed documentation of the crane configuration and crane data, as well as comprehensive service menus, are submitted on the console and PC
  • Large entry fields and fonts 
  • Verification of display load and radius facilitated by the possibility of making online corrections
  • The calibration process is completed within a few hours and is only necessary for the first prototype of the crane model. Future cranes of the same model require only reduced recalibration to compensate production tolerances
  • The qSCALE Ix calibration process determines the geometric details of the crane from just a few initial geometric data
  • Load table export to Excel or PDF with printer function

Lifecycle Support

qSCALE Ix crane configurator tool supports the entire lifecycle of the crane

Crane Definition

  • Crane geometry
  • Load charts
  • Sensors
  • HMI graphic
  • Operating modes 

Crane Calibration

  • Retrofit or OEM prototype
  • Alignment of load measurement
  • Optimization of geometric data 

Crane Commissioning

  • Sensor calibration
  • Elimination of production tolerances
  • Serial number of crane
  • Definition of crane options 

Service & Update

  • Diagnostic
  • Updates provided
  • Auto-configuration of replacement parts
  • Maintenance support 

How to...

...Create Device Backup

...Restore Data From Backup

...Create Backup Stick with Configurator

...Create Device System Update

...Create System Update Stick with Configurator

...Create Logger Backup

...Create Logger Stick with Configurator

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