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50 Years of Innovative Safety

Klingenberg/Ettlingen (Germany). A milestone hunts the next one: After enlarging the WIKA Group’s corporate portfolio at the beginning of the year, WIKA Mobile Control is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. In these 50 years of history, the company from Ettlingen has developed into one of the most successful providers of load moment indication and overload protection systems in cranes and a specialist for robust sensors and innovative control solutions. WIKA Mobile Control has thus decisively shaped the safer use of mobile machines under harsh conditions to this day.

If you look for WIKA Mobile Control in history books, you aren’t very likely to find anything. Yet the team of WIKA Mobile Control has been working to increase the safety of mobile machines for half a century. So what’s the explanation?

The company didn’t launch its success story under the name of WIKA Mobile Control, but originally as PAT Prozess-Automatisierungstechnik back in 1968. Just a few years later, it patented the world’s very first electromechanical overload protection device, the AS 310 – thus laying the foundation for an enterprise that now employs 400 people in three countries and is associated worldwide with maximum safety for mobile machines.

With innovation into the wide world

The development in 1982 of the first digital load moment limitation system, the DS 350, paved the way for us to become the world market leader in load moment indication for telescopic and lattice-boom cranes. More milestones followed, including the mobile iFLEX5 controller, the iVISOR Maestro and the iSCALE control system. The company’s product development activities are constantly backed by a wide range of certifications that leave no doubt about the high safety standards of WIKA Mobile Control components and systems. A global network of service partners also ensures long-term aftersales support for customers everywhere.

More safety through system integration expertise

The company is defined by a commitment to developing highly innovative, end-to-end solutions as a system integrator. Customers come with their projects, and WIKA Mobile Control provides them with complete tailored solutions that meet tomorrow’s safety requirements today. In this respect, nothing at all has changed over the course of the firm’s 50-year history: “WIKA Mobile Control will continue to make it even safer to lift heavy loads in the future,” says Giuseppe Barile, the managing director of WIKA Mobile Control. “Applying a combination of precise, reliable components and innovative application software, we have spent the last 50 years providing our customers with a high level of safety for people and machines. And now we are continuing to write this success story as a member of the WIKA Group!”

WIKA Mobile Control says "Thank you"

The anniversary was appropriately celebrated by an employee event in the heart of the beautiful Black Forest. The management team thanks all of the company’s customers, business partners, suppliers and employees for their excellent work and collaboration in a spirit of trust, and is looking forward to providing a steady stream of safe solutions in the future as well.


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