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Gateway for APEX wireless sensors

Always connected!

The APEX TRS30-W3 is a gateway for the connection of
multiple APEX wireless sensors. The sensor signals are available via CANopen output.
The following sensors can be connected to a single APEX TRS30-W3: anti-two block switch, windspeed, angle, and load.

At a glance

  • FCC approval
  • Ability to connect multiple APEX wireless sensors
  • Long transmission range (1,400m)
  • Frequency range: 902…928 MHz (USA)


Part number: 83903404
Power supply: 10V to 30V DC
Frequency range: 902 – 928 MHz modulation: OQPSK DSSS license-free
Antenna: 915 MHz RP-SMA
Antenna connection: RP-SMA
Range: 1400m (4539ft)
Electrical connection: M12 /5P male A-coded
Signal output: CANopen
Control elements: 1 pairing button, 4 LEDs

FCC conformity: N4TWMC915R1
ISEC ID: 3196A-WMC915R1
Dimension: 121,5 x 55,7 x 91,5 mm
Weight: 0,35 kg (0,77 lbs)
Operating temperature range: -40°C...+70°C
Storage temperature range: -40°C...+85°C
Protection class: IP66

Application example

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