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Wireless anti-two block (A2B) switch

Always connected!

The APEX HES-W3/01 is an anti-two block (A2B) switch for wireless connection to the APEX TRS 30-W3 gateway and APEX SAI 33-W3 standalone indicator. The purpose of this device is to detect when a hoist limit has been reached. The A2B switch has been designed to operate in conjunction with the WIKA Mobile Control weight and chain. The longevity of the battery life is achieved through special power saving techniques.

At a glance

  • FCC approval
  • Robust, proven and maintenance-free design
  • Long battery life
  • Frequency range: 902…928 MHz (USA)


Part number: 83902752
Power supply: 3.6V Lithium ion battery
Battery life: 1,3 year
Frequency range: 902 – 928 MHz modulation: OQPSK DSSS license-free
Antenna: 915 MHz RP-SMA
Antenna connection: RP-SMA
Range: 1400m (4539ft)
FCC conformity: N4TWMC915R1

ISEC ID: 196A-WMC915R1
Actuator: HES 0022, 2p, mit AMP-Stecker, RATB
Dimension: 151.6mm x 76,6mm x 121,2mm
Weight: 1,6 Kg (3,5 lbs)
Operating temperature range: -40°C..+70°C
Storage temperature range: -40°C..+85°C
Protection class: IP66

Application example (1) with stand alone indicator

  • APEX HES-W3/01

    Wireless anti-two block (A2B) switch

  • APEX SAI 33-W3

    Standalone indicator for wireless anti-two block switches and windspeed sensors

Application example (2) with TRS32 gateway

Application example (3) with TRS30 gateway (CAN output)

Application example (4) mit TRS30 gateway & PRS90

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