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The US Service Training Program is just the place to learn what it takes to handle mobile machines in challenging environments. WIKA Mobile Control offers three-day trainings on various dates throughout USA and Canada – and it only takes a few steps to register!

Welcome to the WIKA Mobile Control Service Training Program!

WIKA Mobile Control's Technical Service Training courses feature classroom training along with actual hands-on experience using system simulators. The courses are taught by WIKA Mobile Control industry experts, who understand the theory and application of each system. Regardless of your level of experience, this hands-on training supports you in troubleshooting system components quickly and effectively, which will minimize machine down time and thus increase profits.

Course outline and materials

Each course will cover current OEM and aftermarket WMC products in the field including the new qSCALE Ix and cSCALE indicators. A typical course outline includes the following:

  • system theory
  • sensor calibration
  • wiring
  • hands-on troubleshooting
  • troubleshooting CAN Bus error codes
  • increased number of visuals
  • hands-on learning activities
  • classroom interaction


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Dates, Venues & Registration

The regional training schedule features several three-day course’s held at various locations across the US and Canada. In addition to the scheduled training dates below, courses can also be structured for companies at their facilities to meet specific requirements.  For more information or to sign up for a service training course, please contact sarah.nell@wika.com or +1 717-217-2255.


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2020 Dates & Locations:


24 - 26 March 2020, Chambersburg, PA / USA   Get registered
Location: WIKA Mobile Control
Products: DS350GW, iFLEX5, iSCOUT


21 - 23 April 2020, Nisku, AB / Canada   Get registered
Location: Cropac
Products: DS350GW, cSCALE, mentor text
Sponsored by: Cropac Equipment, Inc.


19 - 21 May 2020, Chicago, IL / USA   Get registered
Location: ASIP Local 150 Training Center
Products: DS350GW, cSCALE, mentor text
Sponsored by: Stevenson Crane, Inc.


22 - 24 September 2020, Chambersburg, PA / USA   Get registered
Location: WIKA Mobile Control
Products: DS350GW, qSCALE, cSCALE

Attendee Statements

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