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ZPMC Pioneers Certified Overload Protection System

ZPMC in Shanghai, the world’s largest builder of port cranes, has been a loyal customer of Hirschmann MCS for many years. In late August of this year, it gained China’s very first certified integrated overload protection system for use in ports. The system comprises four redundant force sensors (fSENS MA) and a safety controller (cSCALE S6 trueSafety). Because it communicates directly with the crane’s PLC, no additional console is required. One of its remarkable features is integrated Web visualization of the trueSafety cSCALE controller. This permits easy parametrization and fast startup. Another major benefit for the customer is outstanding ease of use: the controller can be remotely accessed and operated using any Internet browser.

The new certified complete system replaces a proven type PSV overload protector. It is absolutely state-of-the-art and provides many advantages over comparable systems. 

This is the second innovative complete solution that Hirschmann MCS has launched in rapid succession for use in gantry and bridge cranes in ports. Just recently, the company also introduced a system based on its fSENS MLS force sensor for contactlessly weighing containers in compliance with the new SOLAS rules.

To learn more about this innovative new complete overload system, which has received TÜV certification according to DIN ISO 15011, please contact our sales team!