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WLAN Communication for the Karis Pro Research Project

The "Karis Pro" project, on which various companies, equippers, and research institutes have been working since 2013, is taking a revolutionary new approach. The challenge: today’s material handling systems are inflexibly and rigidly designed and it is time-consuming and expensive to modify them. In developing a viable alternative, however, many new risks have to be identified and appropriate ways of managing them devised. As a member of the project consortium, Hirschmann MCS is addressing this key aspect.

The Karis Pro project is focusing on achieving flexible, cost-effective adaptation to changing requirements. The system’s benefits include supplying and conveying materials for production operations and associated activities such as inspection of incoming goods. When changes are made to the production system, Karis Pro automatically identifies and executes any required adjustments. It assesses the order backlog and autonomously responds with the best possible solution within the context of the overall system. Depending on requirements, its individual units variably perform different tasks―a level of flexibility that eliminates the need for human intervention. If a single vehicle is too small to transport a given item, several of them automatically merge to create a larger vehicle. 

The system is comparable with a Lego set that automatically and flexibly self-assembles to deal with different tasks.

For Karis Pro, Hirschmann MCS is miniaturizing a Wi-Fi client that supports the standardized Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) developed by the AutHoNe project. The goal is to ensure reliable WLAN communication with mobile units. 

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