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Welcome to the cSCALE Family: I/O 15 and I/O 17

"Never change a running system." At least, not with Hirschmann MCS! We’re committed to constantly improving our products so they will optimally meet our customers’ changing needs. Which is why the modular cSCALE controller with IP66/67 protection rating has just gained two powerful new components: the I/O 15 and I/0 17 cards. They let you configure your cSCALE even more flexibly.

Here’s a summary of what the two new additions bring to the table:

I/O 15: Existing high-side digital outputs (DOs) have now been supplemented with low-side digital outputs. This card’s 12 outputs are static, non-SIL and digital. Each of them is able to carry a current of up to a maximum of 1 A and features a feedback channel. The total capacity of all digital outputs amounts to 8 AaV. The low-side control logic is mainly intended for the undercarriages of mobile machines.

I/O 17: This card supplements the cSCALE’s digital outputs with four non-SIL analog outputs for 4...20 mA, in addition to providing two pairs of non-SIL analog outputs for 0...100 mA (each including a corresponding digital output for up to 1 A). All of the analog outputs have a resolution of 12 bits and deviations of < 1% under any environmental conditions. For precisely controlling Sauer-Danfoss valves, the analog outputs for 0...100 mA should be used opposite PWM digital outputs. The I/O 17 is mainly intended for use in construction machines and for retrofitting cranes.

If you have any questions whatsoever on the new I/O cards or Hirschmann MCS control solutions, please contact our sales team – they will be glad to help you.