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Welcome to ConExpo in Fabulous Las Vegas

WIKA Mobile Control (WMC) will be exhibiting at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, NV on March 10-14. During the show, WMC will introduce the facelifted gSENS LWG cable reel series that has been upgraded with the latest mechanical signal transmission and electronics technology. The upgraded cable reels feature standardized gears / length sensors, optimized electronics, improved length cable connection, and a new slip ring design that provides higher current ratings.

In addition to the cable reel upgrades, WMC will also present the new gSENS LWG 610 length and angle sensor. The gSENS LWG 610 features a compact and robust design that provides an economical option that is suitable for use on a variety of lifting applications including telehandlers, service trucks, industrial cranes, and reach stackers. With an IP65 ingress protection rating, the gSENS LWG 610 is designed for use in challenging environments.

WMC will also launch the cSCALE S9 controller that includes a new NXP processor, 256 MB flash memory, 144MB RAM, and ETH-to-CAN Gateway extension. This new controller also features improved boot-time and faster flash process via a USB-stick.

Also on display is the qSCALE Ix load moment indicator as well as the cSCALE for use in any application from monitoring standard to custom control solutions. These systems and sensors meet OEM & retrofit requirements in lifting applications.

According to show organizers, CONEXPO-CON/AGG is North America’s largest construction trade show featuring 2,800 exhibitors and approximately 2,500,000 SF of exhibit space showcasing the latest trends in equipment, products, services and technology in the construction industry.

Stop by our booth # F101819 in the Festival Lot from March 10-14, 2020 to learn more about what’s new at WIKA Mobile Control!

Our Sales Team is glad to assist for any questions!


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