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vSCALE D3-2: Taking HMI to a New Level

Type C2, C3, D2 and D3 vSCALE consoles are proven components with a long history of successful use in harsh environments. And now WIKA Mobile Control is unveiling the latest new generation of D3: the vSCALE D3-2.

There are many good reasons for you to step up to this HMI of the future. An integrated speaker makes warning signals clearly audible, also in noisy environments. The new Freescale CPU 800 MHz considerably boosts the console’s performance and speed. Long waits for it to boot up are now also a thing of the past, thanks to a new operating system. The vSCALE D3-2 boasts four times as much RAM (512 MB) and eight times as much flash memory (4 GB) as before. Analog/digital and digital outputs make it easy to perform simple control tasks, even in the basic version. And to top it off, a stop button has been added to provide another possibility of application-specific and screen-independent operation.

The core of the HMI isn’t all that has improved. The console is now also visually more attractive. A palette of no fewer than 16.7 million different color ensures crystal-clear, brilliant graphics and gradients. And the unit’s rear panel is now made of sturdy, high-quality cast aluminum.

The new, improved vSCALE D3-2 console comes in two versions: with and without a touchscreen. The touchscreen units have been upgraded to PCT technology, which is the global standard for smartphones and tablet computers.

For more information on the new console generation, please visit our website or contact our sales team.