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The boom always under control

With WIKA Mobile Control you will always find the right sensor for your application. This also applies to the gSENS LWG length angle sensor. With the proven geometric sensor of the gSENS series, users can determine boom lengths and angles with high precision. gSENS LWGs are available in various versions – from standard models to the configured options according to customer requirements. As a result, users can keep an eye on telescopic lengths of up to 55m! At bauma 2019, WIKA Mobile Control presented the next generation of length angle sensors with state-of-the-art safety technology – for even more safety with high availability at the same time!

Proven functionalities ensure easy integration into existing applications and enable seamless long-term availability. In addition, new functionalities provide a new dimension of safety. Each contact of up to 12 slip rings is now redundant. In addition, users can open the gSENS LWG when wiring the length sensor cable in the field via a connection box on the reel side. This prevents water, dust and mud from intruding. With a die-cast aluminum housing and IP66/67 protection class, the sensor is protected against harsh environmental conditions. This is quality Made in Germany!

But the gSENS LWG is not only convincingly robust on the outside. The internal features of the length angle sensor also ensure a long service life in the field. The geometric sensor is a free-rotating absolute value sensor and delivers reliable measured values – even when there are changes in the de-energized state. The gSENS LWG was designed in order to allow overturning the measurement zero point without damaging the sensor itself. Damaged length sensors caused by torn length sensor cables are now a matter of the past. A friction clutch previously required for this function is no longer necessary, which in turn makes continuous verification of the length value obsolete – and considerably simplifies the safe operation of the machine.

Finally, signal transmission via CANopen safety ensures reliable processing of measured variables. The main advantage: safety evaluation of the measured values in the gSENS LWG itself and the safe transmission via CANopen safety relieve the system controller from this task. This provides users with free computing capacities that enable additional operations – making your application even more powerful and flexible.

When can you start? The new gSENS LWG generation is available from September 2019 as a CANopen safety model, from November 2019 with 4...20 mA signal transmission and from January 2020 with CANopen. Our Sales Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.