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Test Installation at PNC in South Korea

The port of the South Korean city of Busan is the world’s fifth-largest and located on the main trading route between Europe, the United States, and Asia. A total of eight load pins installed on the spreaders of ARMG cranes have been providing reliable protection against overloads for over a year. The Hirschmann MCS test installation involved equipping one of the cranes with a controller for weighing containers while continuing to use the installed load pins as overload protection. The project was supervised by the company of Yungkwang Engineering Co., Ltd on behalf of Hirschmann MCS.

The measurement results obtained with static weighing were impressive: both the accuracy (< 1%) and the consistency of measurements (within 100 kg) were convincing, as was the low hysteresis of < 100 kg. Dynamic weighing also yielded excellent results in mere seconds. 

The successfully completed test has proved that the customer can rely on the container weighing competence of Hirschmann MCS. 

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