WIKA Mobile Control GmbH & Co. KG

Strong Partners

Did you know that around 600 million measurement devices from the WIKA Group are in use worldwide? This includes reliable technology for measuring pressures from 0.5 mbars up to 15,000 bars and temperature measurement between -250 °C and +1,800 °C. WIKA’s 9,000-strong workforce, 43 branches and 500 sales representatives offer a strong portfolio of products and services, which is now also being strengthened by the expertise of WIKA Mobile Control.

As part of the WIKA Group, WIKA Mobile Control will continue to provide you with solutions for your challenges: from standardized components to highly customized products. Now two strong partners are teaming up to tap synergies and combine their competencies to serve you even better. Your benefits include:


Together with the WIKA Group, we will be shaping the future of safety for mobile machines.

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