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Strong Partners

Did you know that around 600 million measurement devices from the <link https: en-co.wika.de company_wika_group_en_co.wika _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>WIKA Group are in use worldwide? This includes reliable technology for measuring pressures from 0.5 mbars up to 15,000 bars and temperature measurement between -250 °C and +1,800 °C. WIKA’s 9,000-strong workforce, 43 branches and 500 sales representatives offer a <link https: en-co.wika.de products_en_co.wika _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>strong portfolio of products and services, which is now also being strengthened by the expertise of <link internal-link internal link in current>WIKA Mobile Control.

As part of the WIKA Group, WIKA Mobile Control will continue to provide you with solutions for your challenges: from standardized components to highly customized <link internal-link internal link in current>products. Now two strong partners are teaming up to tap synergies and combine their competencies to serve you even better. Your benefits include:

  • Increased innovative power
  • Bundled know-how for efficient <link internal-link internal link in current>system integration
  • Industry-leading <link internal-link internal link in current>safety expertise
  • Customized applications
  • An <link internal-link internal link in current>international network spanning production, sales and services
  • Comprehensive competence for developing <link internal-link internal link in current>sensors and <link internal-link internal link in current>control systems


Together with the WIKA Group, we will be shaping the future of safety for mobile machines.

For more information on WIKA, follow this <link https: en-co.wika.de company_wika_group_en_co.wika _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>link.

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