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Reliable Safety for Duty Cycle Cranes

High demands are placed on mobile machines. They have to work efficiently and are exposed to the most adverse environmental conditions. But by far their most important task is to ensure the safety of people and machine. The Sennebogen E-series duty cycle cranes operate under the influence of dust, heat, humidity, mud and cold. WIKA Mobile Control has now developed an overload protection system for the 6300 E, 6140 E, 6100 E, 624 E, 655 E and 670 E duty cycle cranes. This system enables a reliable safety cut-off in overload situations and consequently more safety for duty cycle cranes in harsh environments.

The overload protection system consists of a central control unit with integrated load moment indication (LMI), a console and several sensors for measuring values. The LMI detects overload conditions of the crane as a function of various parameters. Visual and audible warnings alert the crane operator before the overload condition occurs and switch off any crane movements that increase the load moment. The LMI fulfils a large number of functions in the system, including:

  • Boom angle limitation
  • Radius limitation
  • Slewing angle limitation
  • Height limitation
  • Various operating modes, e.g. main boom operation, excavator operation or jib mode


The vSCALE D3 display and operating console is the interface between man and machine in the overload system. It is used to display current operating modes as well as information and messages during crane operation. In addition, operating parameters for overload protection such as operating modes, reeving or geometry limit values can be programmed and intuitively entered through this HMI. The console also displays all the necessary system information.

In addition to many other individual components, several sensors complete the system, including iSENS HES anti-two block switches, gSENS WGC angle sensors, fSENS KMD load cells and the fSENS MA load pins.

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