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Pressure Measurement in 2020

The challenges in the field are high: Pressure sensors are exposed to high mechanical stress and must deliver high-precision measured data for safe machine operation, even under the most demanding conditions. Now, pSENS MH-4 features a new generation of pressure measurement. This flexible sensor is a extremely resilient making it ideal for applications in harsh environments.

Even when things get rough: pSENS MH-4 is extremely shock- and vibration-resistant acc. to IEC 60068. This pressure sensor has protection class IP67 and is ready for use in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +125°C – with complete zero point stability at any temperature. The use of resilient materials ensures that the pressure sensor is suitable for high demands. This is also validated by the results of standardized and customer-specific test procedures. Continually high accuracy ensures reliability and performance at all times. With excellent performance stability throughout the entire life cycle, the MH-4 model ensures the greatest possible operational reliability – with a service life of 100 million load cycles!

The compact design of the pSENS MH-4 allows this pressure sensor to be quickly and easily integrated into virtually any system. With a large variety of possible mechanical and electrical connections, as well as output signals, it easily adapts to the conditions of the respective system. The output signals available for selection include 4...20 mA, voltage (3-wire), ratiometric (3-wire) or pulsewidth modulation PWM (3-wire). With the optional signal clamping function, the range of the output signal can be limited. A lower and an upper signal threshold are defined in the sensor electronics for this purpose. If the output signal reaches these threshold values, the sensor outputs a defined, constant signal value. As a result, unwanted pressure or signal ranges are filtered out in operation. As output signals, 4...20 mA and 8...36 VDC are available. The broad selection of measuring ranges also makes the MH-4 particularly powerful and ready for use in a wide range of applications. Many measuring ranges can be configured from 0...1.000 bar. The optional diagnostic function outputs permanent errors in the sensor electronics and temporary system overpressures by defined constant output signals. As a result, efficient system diagnostics can be achieved in the application.

The pSENS MH-4 pressure sensor can be easily integrated in series production and after-sales service. Due to its maintenance-free design, the MH-4 is operating cost neutral. The brand label option enables easy identification throughout the supply chain and the color of the plastic parts can be selected upon request. This helps to prevent possible mix-ups in the incoming goods department, on the production line or in the field. Start into a new generation of pressure measurement with the pSENS MH-4!

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