WIKA Mobile Control GmbH & Co. KG

Precise Rotation Angle Measurement

For WIKA Mobile Control rotary encoders, two different types of measuring technology have been used: magnetic and optical. The optical measurement method is now completely replaced by the innovative magnetic method. The measuring principle is simply explained: A permanent magnet fixed to the encoder’s shaft creates a magnetic field that is sampled by a sensor that generates a unique absolute position reading. The use of a powerful 32-bit microprocessor enables the processing of complex signals and results in increased resolution and accuracy. This new technology allows for better functional behavior and, with protection class IP66/67, provides a more robust solution for the mobile machine market.

In order to differentiate the rotary encoders with magnetic measuring technology, the product family has been modified. The gSENS DWG 11 supercedes gSENS DWG 10 and gSENS DWG 21 replaces gSENS DWG 20. WIKA Mobile Control has ensured that all products are backward compatible – whether on the mechanical, electronic or software level.

Mechanical interface:

  • Same mounting options and same connector position relative to mounting flange
  • Higher ingress protection rating (IP66/67)
  • Higher corrosion resistance


Electrical interface:

  • Same or higher EMC-protection
  • Larger Supply-voltage range (now 9…30 VD C) while needing less power
  • Same electrical connector interface


Software interfaces are unchanged:

  • Object dictionary for CANopen interface
  • Error behavior
  • Resolution for transmitted measurement values


The gSENS DWG types 11 and 21 are now available. For more information please contact our Sales Team!