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Our plus in functionality: cSCALE AI2CAN+

cSCALE AI2CAN+ is not only an innovative module for analog/CAN signal conversion, but also a trip amplifier for stand-alone features.

The cSCALE AI2CAN+ trip amplifier is your compact module for signal conversion, while also offering stand-alone features. The trip amplifier can be driven as a CAN slave device or can be used as a standalone device.

The digital trip amplifier cSCALE AI2CAN+ is designed to convert up to four analog inputs (4…20mA or 0.5…4.5 V) into a CAN output signal, while the analog inputs support 2-wire sensors from 10…33 V. This enables users to combine system elements with analog or digital signal transmission with system elements communicating via CANbus, e.g. sensors or controller. This implies that specific small PLC functions can be realized by cSCALE AI2CAN+. In addition, there are three digital I/O (2x DO and 1x DI) available, which can be also used for internal (I<2 A) or external (I>2 A) cutoff functionalities. 

With an IP66/67 protection rating acc. to EN 60529 and an ambient temperature range from -40…+70°C, the cSCALE AI2CAN+ trip amplifier can be used in most adverse environmental conditions. It is shock- and vibration-resistant acc. to EN 60721 3-5 (class 5M3) and EMC-protected acc. to EN 61000 and EN 7637. 

The module offers a wide set of comparison thresholds (TH1 and TH2) as well as a wide spectrum of different physical sensor values (force, pressure, temperature or geometric values). This makes cSCALE AI2CAN+ perfectly suited for use in a wide variety of mobile applications, such as mobile cranes, lifting applications or construction machinery.

For more information, please visit our website or contact our sales team directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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