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More safety for telehandlers

Alden Equipment was recently awarded a government contract to deliver sixty XTREME XR5919 telehandlers. Alden Equipment partnered with WIKA Mobile Control (WMC) to install a qSCALE I2 rated capacity indicator (RCI) on each of the telehandlers. 

The system provides the operator with a display of the current load and geometric information, including the actual and allowable load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius. System components for this project include a 4.3” color graphic display, two pSENS pressure transducers, a cSCALE DIO controller, and a custom LWG152 cable reel. This cable reel was modified so that it could serve two functions – one for the RCI system and the other for sending a signal to activate the forks. This solution eliminated the need for multiple cable reels.

Alden Equipment Inc. is now installing the qSCALE I2 RCI system at their facility in Amsterdam, NY. Bill Carter, Technical Sales Manager at Alden Equipment, Inc. is responsible for overseeing the installation and calibration, “The custom installation of the system went smoothly and after receiving calibration training, we have the ability to make changes and fine tune the calibration ourselves. We're pleased with the qSCALE I2 RCI and very satisfied with the customer support we received from the WMC team during this project.”

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