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WIKA Mobile Control’s qSCALE I2 TH rated capacity indicator (RCI) system was designed specifically for telehandlers on the American market and is suitable for both OEM and aftermarket telehandler applications

The qSCALE I2 TH rated capacity indicator (RCI) system was designed specifically for telehandlers on the American market and is suitable for both OEM and aftermarket telehandler applications.

The 4.3” color graphic console provides the operator with actual and allowable load, boom height, boom length, boom angle, and load radius. The console displays the maximum rated capacity for the current machine position compared to a digitalized version of the load chart. The system includes a cable reel for measuring the length and angle of the boom and pressure sensors that measure the hydraulic pressure in the cylinders.

Depending on specific requirements, three other optional system components are available. If a longitudinal load moment indicator or limiter is required, the rear axle sensor can be added to measure the strain on the rear axle. With the addition of this sensor, the system reduces the risk of accidents from tipping and increases the operators stability awareness of the machine. The gSENS WGX sensor can be added to indicate the tilt of the chassis. The status of the tilt sensor can be displayed on the console to communicate the current orientation of the machine to the operator. If the telehandler has an optional motion shutdown from the manufacturer, the qSCALE I2 TH RCI system can be upgraded to a rated capacity limiter by installing the optional cSCALE DIO module. With this functionality, the DIO module will switch an output when a rated capacity limiter (RCL) or longitudinal load moment limiter (LLML) overload is triggered.

One of the benefits of the RCI system is that it supports the operator optically and acoustically. While operating within the allowable range (determined by the load chart), the top bargraph on the display will be green. As the operator starts to reach the allowable limits, the bargraph will change from green to yellow. Once the limit is reached, an alarm will sound and the bargraph will turn red.

The system enables the machine owner to maximize the machines lifting capacity. This ensures that the machine isn't overworked and operators aren’t lifting loads that they shouldn't be. The integrated data logger tracks machine usage and helps to determine whether a machine has been misused. Using a USB stick, the data of the data logger can be easily retrieved. WIKA Mobile Control offers extensive evaluation and analysis functions using a Windows tool. This can be used to generate tabular and graphical reports to display machine productivity and any overload cases. The user-guided commissioning can be done through the console without the need for additional software tools.

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Learn more about our qSCALE I2 TH system in this video

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