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JIGE INTERNATIONAL, Europe’s leading maker of specialized trucks for recovering and towing heavy vehicles, is now banking on the qSCALE I2 safe load indication system from Hirschmann MCS. After arriving on the scene of an accident or breakdown, tow truck drivers have to do some pretty heavy lifting. And a reliable SLI system is essential for working quickly, dependably and safely.

The system was installed by Hirschmann’s French partner, Escal S.A. While searching for a dedicated solution, JIGE found and was impressed by the qSCALE I2 from Hirschmann MCS. As installed, the system comprises the qSCALE I2 console with integrated controller and a field connection box with various CAN sensors including a gSENS LWG angle sensor, pSENS DAVS pressure sensors and a gSENS WGX inclinometer. The field connection box considerably simplifies installation.

The customer doesn’t expect anything better to appear for at least 15 years. The system meets their wish for a straightforward solution at a reasonable price while complying with all safety requirements: "We are very satisfied with the results. The team from Escal S.A. did an excellent job and helped us take advantage of the best product available in the market."

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