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Individually controlled!

With cSCALE S9, WIKA Mobile Control presents the latest modular controller in the S series for mobile working machines

cSCALE S9 – a control that grows with its tasks! Due to its modular design, the latest controller from the S series adapts to your application – while offering maximum safety and high availability at the same time.

Configuration of the cSCALE S9 can be completely customized from simple control tasks up to a control with more than 400 I/Os, which forms the core for a multitude of mobile applications. A new CAN extension (ETH-to-CAN gateway) offers the option of disconnecting and restarting CAN buses individually and separately during runtime (hard reset).

The i.MX6 processor with 32-bit/528 MHz provides the necessary computing power in the system. The controller is ready to go in just 11.7 seconds – including RAM test! In addition, the controller offers an enlarged flash memory with 148 MB and an optional Micro SD card with up to 2 GB memory capacity. Furthermore, the Floating Point Unit (FPU) that's integrated in the hardware enables even faster calculation of floating points.

And if the power goes out, you don't have to worry about losing your data! The CPU offers a permanently integrated energy memory, which provides enough resources for critical operations even after a hard switch off. This means: no longer losing important retain variables! However, the 2 MB DDR3 RAM to FLASH is still not exhausted. Users can configure other critical operations that are essential after an unforeseen shutdown of your application. And when can you put the system back into operation after shutting it down? We give the cSCALE S9 exactly 0 seconds for this! A further guarantee for maximum safety is the PL d/SIL 2 classification and the EN 13849-1 architecture with Cat. 2 (1oo1D).

The simple programming of the controller is achieved via CODESYS 2.3. This ensures fast integration into your application and long-term support. Read more about the migration from cSCALE S6 to cSCALE S9 here. If there is a system update, it can be easily installed with a standard USB stick – it’s faster and has more user feedback than ever before.

Look to the future of mobile controls with the new cSCALE S9! Our Sales Team will be happy to support you.

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