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Highlights in 2016: an End-of-the-Year Review

The new Hirschmann MCS website went live at the beginning of 2016, and since then has attracted a steady stream of visitors wishing to learn about the world of the leading provider of certified, safety-oriented, customized control solutions for mobile applications in harsh environments. Safety was also the theme of a press event that Hirschmann MCS held in Karlsruhe, Germany in February for trade journalists, titled “Mobile Safety Automation―Trends in a Networked World.” The trueSafety concept was also elevated to a new level with the very important TÜV certification for the cSCALE S6, a Hirschmann MCS controller that ensures outstanding safety and maximum uptime under even the roughest conditions.

The leading topics in 2016 naturally also included the new SOLAS (Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) rule that the weight of freight containers must be verified before they are loaded. It entered into force on July 1. The solution from Hirschmann MCS: a complete overload-protected system with TÜV-certified components for weighing containers in ports. Hirschmann MCS has thus made it easy for port operators to integrate weighing systems in existing overhead and gantry cranes and gain a forward-looking edge over competitors in the eyes of shippers.