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Having a field day with our smallest controller

With cSCALE Compact, WIKA Mobile Control presents a new generation of particularly compact and cost-effective controllers – also directly available with integrated RCL library

cSCALE Compact is a particularly compact and robust controller with an optionally available integrated rated capacity limitation library (RCL, also known as load moment limitation or LMI). Suitable for various mobile machines such as telescopic and lattice boom cranes, telescopic handlers or municipality trucks, cSCALE Compact is the most compact and cost-effective addition to the portfolio of cSCALE controllers and an extension of possibilities to realize customer-specific applications.

cSCALE Compact boasts an IP66/67 protection rating and is built into an extremely robust housing. The controller is highly protected against shock, vibration, dust and water and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C. cSCALE Compact is resistant to shock and vibration according to EN 60721 3-5 as well as EMC-protected according to EN 61000 and EN 7637. This makes our most compact controller a particularly suitable solution for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Equipped with an i.mx6UL @528 MHz processor and 139 MB DDR3 RAM, cSCALE Compact enables fast processing of machine control tasks and is ready for operation in less than 10 seconds. As soon as software has to control machines it must always react reliably within specified limits. With the integrated Linux real-time operating system, applications with hard real-time requirements can be easily implemented. Linux real-time enables worst-case latencies in the range of a few microseconds, which results in a high level of protection for man and machine. In addition, cSCALE Compact features a SuperCAP-based Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) module, which ensures a safe shutdown of the whole controller and a backup of all running processes and RAM data when a power supply voltage drop is detected.

cSCALE Compact supports both a centralized and decentralized system architecture, i.e. a connection to another control unit and the connection of an I/O module is possible. This offers the option to offload excessive computation tasks or applications to the cSCALE Compact. Besides that, the compact controller offers a wide range of interfaces, so that your applications can be put together to achieve perfect-fit-status. A total of eight analog inputs, twelve digital inputs, eight digital outputs, two CAN interfaces, one Ethernet port and a redundant cut-off relay (Cat. 3) are available. Power is supplied via a 9...33 V DC interface. Finally, an USB 2.0 port enables simple field-updates.

If remote access to the control system is required, the optional WebVisu interface lets users conveniently access the screens of a cSCALE Compact system using a web browser. Programmed in CoDeSys 2.3, it enables visualization and administration of all control variables and functions – without any need for strong programming skills!

cSCALE Compact will be available from February 2022!

For more information, please contact our sales team directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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