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With the new cSCALE S9 trueSafety safety controller, customers benefit from even more safety combined with high availability

The cSCALE S series trueSafety controllers are specially designed for use in harsh conditions. They are built into extremely robust housings, which protect against shock, vibration, dust and water. Following successful TÜV certification, WIKA Mobile Control presents the latest addition to the trueSafety portfolio: cSCALE S9 trueSafety. This controller offers users optimum safety with high availability. With protection class IP66/67, it is ideally equipped for use in harsh environments.

The cSCALE S9 trueSafety controller boasts a certified combination of two powerful CPUs – a CPU for performing safe and non-safe functions and a microcontroller for monitoring. The control unit is TÜV-certified in accordance with EN ISO 13849 PL d and IEC 62061 SIL 2, as well as Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The certified hardware and software components used ensure even more safety and reliability when handling mobile machinery. cSCALE S9 trueSafety systems are integrated control solutions according to EN 13849 / EN 13000 and support redundant system architectures.

Programmable with CODESYS 2.3 or C++, the cSCALE S9 trueSafety can run certified arithmetic floating point and trigonometric functions. The controller contains powerful auto-diagnostics and monitoring functions for immediate detection of errors and faults. A built-in energy memory provides sufficient power for critical operations even after a hard switch off. This means: no longer losing important retain variables! For this, an industry standard SuperCAP power supply back-up is used.

Together with load moment limitation software, the cSCALE S9 trueSafety is available as qSCALE S9 trueSafety. In this case, WIKA Mobile Control develops the suitable application software for overload protection together with the customer – while taking the highest safety requirement into account.

For further information please visit our website or contact our Sales Team directly for a non-binding consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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