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cSCALE Controllers: Both SAFE and SECURE!

Hirschmann MCS is extending its definition of handling mobile machines without risk by a new security feature. Now controllers of the cSCALE series also excel with SECURE mechanisms that provide comprehensive protection from manipulation and unauthorized access.

Hirschmann MCS controller solutions are now more secure: thanks to encryption of the application and installation, plus a controlled update process that is recorded in the controller. This is accomplished with the AES-256 bit algorithm (Advanced Encryption Standard). A so-called block cipher, it provides maximum protection against unauthorized access and manipulation. Even the U.S. government has adopted this system for safeguarding top-secret documents.

The benefits for customers and suppliers are obvious: now software products can be unambiguously identified on defined hardware. Unwanted software is blocked by the SECURE mechanisms. The protection mechanisms can also be enabled for field upgrades performed using a USB stick. As a result, cSCALE controllers are now both safe and secure.

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