WIKA Mobile Control GmbH & Co. KG

cSCALE control for rail excavator and hoisting machines

Work with excavating and hoisting machines on railroad tracks is carried out at night in most cases so that rail operation is not disturbed unnecessarily. Next morning the rails have to be cleared again in order to ensure smooth operation in rail transport.

In The Netherlands and Belgium this is now supported also by a Hirschmann MCS safety system for load moment limitation which has been developed by the Pat Krüger Systems partner company. It consists of a cSCALE control, vSCALE D3 console, three redundant gSENS WGX and a gSENS DWG (CANopen Safety) for rotary and angle measurement as well as a pSENS DAVS (CANopen Safety) for pressure measurement.

The complex system fulfils the EU requirements and those of RIS 1530 for machines in railroad operation. It has been targeted to the specific customer requirements and has the task of load moment limitation, height and rotary limitation as well as a virtual wall in a three-dimensional structure. The main users are subcontractors on behalf of the rail operators, maintenance companies or operator and maintenance companies of petrochemical plants.