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pSENS DAVS Superior

Safe & accurate pressure sensor

Ideally suited for measuring static and dynamic pressures

Designed for precise, reliable operation in rough environmental conditions, these pressure transducers can be used in hydraulic control systems on mobile machines.


At a glance

  • Standard or customized solutions
  • CANopen Safety
  • High quality with high accuracy


  • Measurement range: 60 to 600 bar
  • High accuracy: typically within 0.15 % of nominal pressure (max. 0.25 %)
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C
  • Zero-point stability at all temperatures
  • Burst pressure: 2000 bar (safety limit)
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Interface: analog, CANopen, CANopen Safety
  • High repeatability and minimal long-term drift
  • Three-wire technology provides signal stability
  • Standard solution
  • Customized according to standard and special requirements: standard interfaces, pressure ranges, or special flange types
  • Redundant safety versions (PL d/SIL 2): two times 4...20 mA or CANopen Safety
  • New pressure heads that allow for an adjustment of the pressure range

Customized Configuration

Individual needs can be met according to your specifications.


  • Determination of parameters (dynamic, data filter, etc.)
  • Behavior on CAN bus (node ID, transmission rate, etc.)


  • Pressure range
  • Mechanical connection
  • Interface (CAN, 4...20 mA, etc.)

Safety Concept

Both redundant analog versions and PLd graded sensors with CANopen Safety interface comply with the new European machine directive and relevant safety standards. These quality characteristics offer an even higher safety standard in operating mobile machines - our trueSafety standard.

Redundant analog output requires two analog inputs on the controller side plus software to compare the two sensor values.

The advantage of using integrated safety products with a standard CANopen Safety interface:

  • Only one input needed on the control
  • Measured value is reverified
  • The PLd safety sensors simplify design and application programming when combined with an appropriate safety control

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