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qSCALE SxCustomized and certified system solutions for overload protection

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  • Complex applications
  • Modular system architecture



qSCALE Sx load moment indication (LMI) – safety systems individually made to measure

A cSCALE controller with integrated load moment indication – or as we call it "qSCALE Sx" – is the customized automation platform for safety systems in complex mobile applications. In the development of individual overload protection systems we emphasize on innovation, productivity, reliability and flexibility. qSCALE Sx systems are characterized by scalable modularity and provide functionalities for a large number of individual solutions.

We develop and program safety software and deliver the required hardware for your qSCALE Sx system. Combining this system with third-party hardware components is also possible. The qSCALE LMI software complies with current standards and combines programming, configuration and monitoring functions. In combination with robust sensors and user-friendly vSCALE HMI, you obtain an integrated safety system for the efficient control and monitoring of your telescopic cranes, excavators or lattice boom cranes – also available with certified RCL-C-library for telescopic cranes.

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System configuration

qSCALE Sx: more safety for your mobile machine – with maximum flexibility at the same time

WIKA Mobile Control’s systems for load moment indication are highly individual and tailor-made system solutions for your mobile application. We develop, design and program the safety software for your qSCALE Sx system and supply you with the necessary hardware components. It is also possible to combine this system with other third-party hardware components.

qSCALE Sx systems consist of a cSCALE control unit with integrated load moment indication - and are also available with certified RCL-C-library (qSCALE RCL trueSafety) as a trueSafety option for telescopic cranes. In combination with user-friendly vSCALE HMI [A] and robust sensors [B], you obtain an integrated safety system for the efficient control and monitoring of your mobile cranes. The corresponding cSCALE control [C] is modular and can be configured according to project requirements. Proven communication with CANopen, CANopen Safety or J1939 protocol [D] is used for the interaction of the system components. Via various connections, it is possible to connect further devices such as actuators or cameras [E]. Additionally, an Ethernet connection [F] and a USB connection [G] are available for diagnosis and service. The WIKA Mobile Control PC Toolchain for customer-specific configuration and diagnosis communicates via these interfaces.



The design of your qSCALE Sx system for load moment indication is individually tailored to the specifications of your mobile machine. As a system integrator, WIKA Mobile Control works with you through all project phases: from analysis and concept evaluation, system design and project planning to prototype testing and field introduction. Our safety experts support certification processes and are available during the entire life cycle management.

qSCALE RCL trueSafety

A certified software library for rated capacity limitation in telescopic cranes with qSCALE Sx systems

Give your telescopic cranes certified safety – with qSCALE RCL trueSafety, the first-ever certified software library for these applications. The RCL calculation library and corresponding tools give you a vetted basis for quick and easy certification of applications and machines. As experienced specialists in load moment indication (also known as rated capacity limitation = RCL) for mobile cranes, we regularly set new, innovative standards.



  • Certified software solution qSCALE RCL trueSafety for qSCALE Sx systems 
  • Enables the safety-oriented mobile controller with PL d acc. to ISO 13849
  • Compliant with all specifications for safety-oriented embedded software (SRESW)
  • qSCALE RCL trueSafety library includes: RCL calculation program, RCL test program and RCL recording program
  • Certified development process, incl. review of all specifications documentation, architecture, module descriptions and module and integration tests
  • In combination with certified hardware (controller and sensors) for the certified rated capacity limitation for telescopic cranes
  • Applicable for telescopic cranes of the following types: Boom-only, fixed jib, folding or luffing jib and superlift
  • Qualified for integrating safety products into new mobile cranes in order to comply with the requirements of the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), type-B-1 ISO 13849 standard, DIN EN ISO 61508 and DIN EN ISO 62061


qSCALE Sx Configurator

Flexible parametrization of rated capacity limitation

The qSCALE Sx Configurator is a Windows-based, menu-driven tool for the certified software module library qSCALE RCL trueSafety to set parameters for customer-specific configuration of mobile cranes. The qSCALE Sx Configurator can be used to set parameters of the crane model in a customer-specific manner across the entire machine kinematics. Integrated reporting functions support the user in his functionally safe project documentation. The calibration process can be defined customer-specifically and offers the service department a menu-driven calibration procedure. Among others, the following functionalities are supported by the qSCALE Sx Configurator:

  • Entry of general data, such as crane manufacturer and type, system of units or staff ID
  • Definition of crane kinematics
  • Insertion of load charts
  • Entry of operating modes
  • Limitations and actions, such as parametrization of limit value monitoring for any defined variables e.g. heights or weights
  • Inter-process communication, e.g. interface to customer-specific application program
  • Menu-driven calibration
  • Additional services with the xSCALE Tool Launcher, such as change of IP address, download of recordings from data logger or read out of system events from the controller

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