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Safety electronics

Reliable safety electronics for your mobile machines

The ELMS1 safety electronics unit is a configurable, multipurpose switching device. Its electronics comprise a control module plus function modules that can be installed in a row and linked by a standard redundant rail bus. It features a wide range of safe digital and analog inputs and both solid-state and contact outputs. Additional analog outputs and field bus modules are available for parts of applications that don’t need to meet strict safety requirements. The states of the inputs and outputs, the operating voltage, and diagnostic messages are displayed on a LED matrix. The control module has been certified by DGUV as complying with DIN EN 13849-1, Category 4 PL e. Applying Table 3 of DIN EN 13849-1, this corresponds to SIL 3. Your benefits at a glance:

  • Modular structure
  • Certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 13849 PL e, Cat. 4, SIL 3
  • Add-on module for ProfiBus, ProfiNet, EtherCAT and CANopen®
  • Complex functionality
  • Easily configurable from a laptop


  • Output signal: 4…20 mA/ 0…10 V DC
  • More outputs: ProfiBus, ProfiNet, EtherCAT and CANopen
  • Protection rating: IP20 acc. to DIN EN 60529
  • Rated temperature: -10...+55°C
  • Storage temperature: -40...+85°C
  • 16 safe inputs (eight analog inputs with 4...20 mA, eight digital inputs), two secure relay outputs, and six safe solid-state outputs (positive switching)
  • Visualization of relevant data on a display 
  • Installation in a switch cabinet
  • Implementation and certification of customer-specific applications

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